Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sonoma Bakery Cafe II

3 times visiting Sonoma at Glebe, near my house. I wanted to come back to tried other good-looking pastries since I saw last time.

Skinny Cap.

Berry muffin $3.50 nice.

See, I love good muffin & great

Another time, flat white with Breakfast roll, egg and cheese.

I like this cup... Want it in my cafe :D


3rd time, plain croissant with butter & jam and a cup of flat white.

Sonoma Bakery Cafe
215 Glebe Point Rd.
Glebe NSW 2037
Tel : (02) 9660 2116


Leona @ Pigged-Out said...

I love glebe! Ive only eaten breakfast there once =( Croissants look yum! sometimes i like eating it toasted with nothing in it ^_^

Simon Food Favourites said...

every suburb should have a Sonoma! wish there was one in the city for lunches. the closest one for me on weekends is in Waterloo :-)