Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My twin stomach !

Before I started to blog, I was reading lots of food blogs, one of them is Jenny, Panda & Cake. I found her blog when I was in Thailand searching about LCB for information. At that time she just graduated from Basic patisserie and also her uni around the same time (Am I right, Jenny?) and her blog did help me so much for making decision to come here. After that, before I went to school, I always read her blog to see what we gonna next.. hehe...

Also I think my first comment to her is about asking where the Bourke st bakery are when she posted that she bought some muffins and carrot cake there.. lucky me that the shop is just opposite my house now..haha

Now I do a stage for 1 month at SWEETNESS the patisserie and she came to the shop.. so sad we didn't meet each other..

Lots of interesting thing between us, please read in her blog :D

One more thing that didn't be mentioned in her blog. I am now working near her area and she is working near my house where are Ultimo & Epping lol

Pleasure to know you Jenny :)


panda said...

yep - i had my uni graduation at about the same time i was finishing basic patisserie. you've actually gone further than me and finished the entire patisserie course! so glad to hear that my blog inspired you to come to study at lcb in sydney!

i must say, thanks for the special mention in your blog. we are so close to meeting and i do look forward to it when we do!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ah yes I read about panda's visit to Sweetness and how she'd just missed you!

BTW I laughed when I saw the word verification on this comment. The word I had to type in was "congee"

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

panda : I also look forword to see you.. Since Feb this year, my oven doesn't work properly that 's why you never seen my cooking post. But if i can, i will try to bake something for our meeting.. ^ ^

lorraine : haha... congee is very funny.. since now I will look forword to see other funny words lol