Monday, August 31, 2009


Last Thursday was Ping's birthday, we went to JuJu, Japanese restaurant in Kingcross cuz we heard that they are pretty okey. Since I told everyone that I have to sleep at 9 pm. during weekday.. so everyone had to have early bithday party.. lol

Colourful menu.

The restaurant is open at 6.30 pm and we went there that time, just 1 table there. After about 20 mins.. full house !

Sashimi Mix (main size) $27.00 Fresh, pretty good compared with price.

Spider-roll $15.80 Inside-out roll filled with fried soft shell crab.. prefer rolls at Makoto.

Tempura mix $14.50 ..nothing special

Grilled Unagi $9.00..

Ping & Tan

Ta & Ja

Okonomiyaki $9.80 The sauce was far too salty.

Chicken kara-age $ 8.80 mmm... prefer the one at Ton ton (why I always compare with other restuarants ? haha)

Miso cheese chicken $ 16.00 Everyone said that this dish was weird..

P'Ta made the banoffi with strawberry for Ping.. sorry I had no time to bake one for you..

I was too full, only had this for 2 spoons..

For my point of view, I think this place is not bad but I don't think I will go again.

Kingsgate Shopping Centre
Shop 320, Bayswater Rd. Kings Cross NSW 2011
Tel : (02) 9357 7100

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a shame that there were so many misses! :( It's been so many yers since I went to Juju's -over 10 at least! Although after reading this I am not in a hurry to return :P