Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lumiere Cafe & Patisserie

Last 2 weeks I always went out with Ping for nice meals... Actually this Saturday we planned to have ricotta hotcake at Bill's but had to wait for 25 minutes for the seats and we were too hungry so we decided to head to Lumiere where we walked pass by when we went to Kawa last week.

also very busy... packed of people who love breakfast like us ^ ^

Hot chocolate and skinny cappuccino. I was so jealous when saw Ping's hot chocolate.. bigger than mine ><>

Sour cherry danish.. so good ! very flaky and buttery..

Scrambled free range eggs on toasts $9.5 extra bacon $3 and grilled tomato $3

We shared 2 of those and so full ... The food was nice, service was great. The wait staff was smiling when saw us took lots of photos.

At another end of cafe, there is patisserie section, its open kitchen so you can see what they are making.. so cool ! ( I also sent my resume here, but chef said they already had 2 people will come for trail)

Lots of pastries, cakes, sandwiches and breads..

full house !

I took away blueberry muffin and chocolate chips brioche... super nice. I ate muffin for dinner, first bite, I was like ''wow, I wanna try every flavours and wanna have it everyday lol. The top was crispy and very veyr moist inside.. The brioche was lovely aswell, good quality of chocolate.. I definitely go there again for more pastries..

Lumiere Cafe & Patisserie
Shop 13 425 Bourke St., Surry Hills 2010 NSW
Tel: (02) 9331 6184


Simon Food Favourites said...

the pastries and breakfast looks a lot better than the salad I've had recently here. it's in a good location though.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

oh, salad is not good? but yeah, pastries are very nice... I wanna go again

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Well if you say the pastries are good they're definitely worth checking out! :P