Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kawa II

Last time I went to Kawa with Ayla, this time I took Ping to have brunch on Saturday...

Orange, lemon and ginger juice (obviously not mind, I rarely drink healthy fruit

My hot chocolate (that's day I just recovered from Reflux, couldn't drink coffee yet) but its not my hot chocolate type... and the down point, they use plastic cup.

Egg florentine with smoked salmon.



We shared the eggs..hehe

Long time never eat Eggs for breakfast, since normally I always have breakfast alone, and the egg dish is too big for me.

Even breakfast we still had dessert, banana caramel tart (aka banoffie), not bad.

Kawa cafe
348a Crown St. Surry Hills NSW 2010
Tel : (02) 9331 6811


Simon Food Favourites said...

looks pretty good. i haven't heard of this place before.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

actually its pretty normal cafe for me.. like you can try if got chance to go that area... but I heard that thier affogato is good.. might try one day.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe you are a true foodie! I love it-having bannoffee pie at breakfast (it's so something I'd do too) :P