Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kazbah II

I am super behind, nowdays very lazy to update the blog -_-". Anyway, since we had such a wonderful dinner at Kazbah, we keen to try thier famous breakfast.

Virgin Mary ($10.50), Lemon, pineapple and mint juice ($6.50), hot mocha ($4.50), Bloody Mary ($10.50).

P'Ta, I think she is really pretty today.

Tan found his Bloody Mary was too spicy then he ordered another lemonade. I think the waiter didn't charge for his bloody mary.. so nice.

Pretty busy.

Breakfast Tagine $18 : Lamb Mince, Sucuk, Spinach, Roast Capsicum, Roast Tamato, Caramelized Onion, Feta, Eggs, Turkish Toast, Lebanese Bread

A must have dish. It was perfect, nothing to complain. I love the flavour of the lamb mince and its spices, very very flavourful. The roasted veggies were soft and juicy..

Doesn't it look so great?

French Toast, Bacon, Glazed Baby Figs, Double Cream, Apple Cinnamon Syrup $16.50.

Another yummy dish. There was a really thick brioche soaked in the syrup and topped with very creamy double cream (as thick so I thought it was mascarpone), and huge bacons. Eating with figs even made it better. However, I have no idea who can finish this dish alone.

Feta Potato Cake, Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche, Red Wine Onion Marmalade $19.50

Tan said the potato cake tasted funny. I thought it was ok and quite an interesting dish.. but its not a dish I would order again. I like the salmon though.

N'Ping is ready to attack the food.

And of course, we planned to have dessert breakfast !

Chocolate and Raspberry Pancake, Butterscotch Sauce, Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream $18

Compared with my face...

This is very different from normal pancake we normally have. It is kinda baked biscuit for me. I guess they bake it in the pan... First bite it was weird but the following bites... I like ! The edge was crisp and moist in the middle. My faverite part were the edge and chocolate & raspberry..haha.

Super super full, we couldn't finish pancake though.

Happy happy breakfast :D

379 Darling St., Balmain NSW 2041
Tel : (02) 9555 7067


Annana said...

Urhgggggg I look bloody Fat :D

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

i think niceeeeeeeeeeeee..not fat ><

Swee San said...

oh Hi, U're from LCB as well.. Me too but I grad in Apr 2007. nice blog :)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Swee San : haha.. maybe I haven't told u I am a fan of ur old blog too..hehe. Thanks :D

panda said...

i came here for a birthday and had the group set menu for brekkie and it was amazing! so much food and everything tasted delicious! anyway, i miss you're blogging!!

Sarah A said...

Wow I heard about this it looks great!!

Betty said...

hehe funny shes grabbing her stomach u guys sure did eat alot

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