Friday, December 18, 2009

Taste of Shanghai

I was so happy when first saw Taste of Shanghai open in the city (this post is way behind). Reading other blogs about Shanghai night, Taste of Shanghai and New Shanghai makes me mouthwatery. Since all of them is not in the town, I always keep telling me, next time -_-''.

Taste of Shanghai is in World Square, P'Ta and I went there for dinner and we wait about 30 mins.

I like the number :)

Braised pork belly and preserved veggetable $18.80

Quite oily but it cant be wrong with pork belly. The taste was not as I expect but not bad, the veggies gave a salty and sour taste to make up the dish.

Chilli beef in wok $18.8

The dish is good with rice for 2 hungry people who were waiting for the table for 30 mins..haha

Shanghai pan fried pork buns (8 pieces) $9.80

This dish is the one I was dreaming about...

Oh, my goodness, even other bloggers said The bun in Shanghai night (or New Shanghai I can't remember) is a lot better than the one in here, I was already over the moon since I first bited this :D

Happy happy happy.

We were really full actually ( we took away all 3 dishes, couldn't finish.. I had 4 of pork buns...hahahahaha) But we still ordered dessert.

Punpkin cake $8.80

It was ok, a bit oily (or we were too full to enjoy it)

Taste of Shanghai
Shop 9.07, World Square, 644 George St, Sydney
Tel: 9261 8832


Simon Food Favourites said...

looks a lot nicer and cleaner than Shanghai Night in Ashfield. one day i hope to try and compare :-)

Heidi said...

wow, ja, lots of post! haha, you make me want to eat alot of things now.. I'm on diet you know...