Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baffi & Mo Espresso

First I read about Baffi & Mo in The Unbearable Lightness of being hungry, I quickly sent the link to my friend telling her I wanna go this place... but since at that time I have never been to Redfern yet so I am not really keen to go there -_-''. After than I found it again in Simon Site, I was like " wow..ok, this time I must go to try their hash"

Here we come, we chose this place for Nicole's fairwell.

Elynn & Nicole, my lovely housemates.

It was a very sunny day, we arrived there around 11.00 am. The cafe was quite packed, lucky enough we got the table outside. They also served varieties of muffins, biscuits and brownies but this time we want only big breakfast..hehe

Nicole went for iced coffee and she likes it. Erynne tried her first affogato, it was good just too little ice cream, if she try the one in Campos, she must love it. My cappuccino came very late since they forgot -_-''.

Eggs Benedict with double smoked ham and hollandaise $13 with side of potato hash $3

Eynne is so cute !

Unfortunately, the eggs were overcooked but we forgave them since the potato hash was so yummy, crisp and salty, just like the fried pototo snack we have in Thailand..haha. The hollandaise also was good, ham was delicious... Everyone loves the dish (even overcooked eggs were still good..haha)

Ricotta french toast with fresh figs and honey $12

I wanted to order French toast with passionfruit curd, lime, ricott, strawberry but unlucky they changed the menu. It was alright, this french toast was lovely. (but I still wanna try the passionfruit one T_T)

Nicole, I miss u ~~~~~~~~~~

Lucky enough nowdays I go to school where is near Baffi & Mo so I go there every thursday (2 times already)..hehe

Baffi and Mo Espresso
94 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW
Tel : (02) 8065 3294


Simon Food Favourites said...

glad you enjoyed the hash stack. best in sydney i think! thanks for the link, very much appreciate it. i think it's great when bloggers link reference other bloggers. i try and do as much as possible if i'm also inspired by others. i've heard from a local that used to be a regular at baffi and mo that they're getting really popular now but they sometimes might be rushing things a bit too and service might not be as good as it used to be. such is the problem when it gets busy. hopefully the quality and service will remain good. pity about the eggs but they still looked a little soft thankfully.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I must thank you for lots of nice food to try :D I went there last week twice for lunch. The service was still good. At least they still always have the smile for me :D (but maybe not as good as before?)

about the eggs, yeah, thankfully it turned out like hard boiled egg with a little soft inside...haha I only don't like the hard egg yolks in every style of eggs (except for omlette lol)

food.4.two said...

I've passed this place so many times and it's always packed...will give it a try!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

food.4.two : yeah, u should try.. i think the brownie also looks really like... so homemade :D