Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brunch with Nut (Roxanne, 2042 Cafe & Deli)

My foodie friend, Nut moved from Melbourne to Sydney. This made me excited about having another friend to join my food journey. First week she arrived, we decided to try some cafes near our area. The first one is Roxanne in Glebe.

The decoration is quite formal yet cozy.

My skinny cappuccino was burn, too hot and bitter.

Poached eggs and pesto crostini : 2 sliced of pesto topped ciabatta and crispy bacon with hollandaise sauce $13

We shared the dish, the eggs were cooked nicely but the ciabatta was too a bit hard, its yummy though.

Another week, we went to the new cafe where both of us just read about from SMH in Newtown, 242 Cafe & Deli.

The cafe is quite big compared to others, make it look a bit empty since there were only 3 tables at that time. The decoration is home-feeling.

Skinny Cappuccino & Latte $3.50

My cappuccino was good then I tried Nut's Latte and it was very nice, the interesting is the taste is totally different.

Corn fritter with bacon, avocado and green tamato relish $12.90

It was my first time try corn fritter so I had no idea what the good one suppost to be. This version was a bit pancake-like. Not too bad but I found the relish was a bit too sweet for my liking.

Massive table in the middle of the cafe.

Then I took Nut to my favourite cafe, Black star pastry and again, there was no seats :P We took away chocolate eclair.

Pretty looking

The chocolate pastry cream was very smooth, rich and creamy. The shell was a little bit too hard.

2042 Cafe & Deli
403-405 King Street, Newtown
Sydney, NSW

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