Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fish Market

Another day with Nut's mum. Our plan of this Saturday is breakfast at Fish market and shopping at Rozelle market.

Half dozen of Sydney rock oysters and half dozen of Pacific oyster. The Pacific one is more juicy while the Sydney rock oyster was more creamy and intense in flavour. I prefer the first one. Nut was very well-prepared dressing (Thai spicy nam jim seafood dressing) for oysters.

Half lobster mornay, wouldn't recommend.. so strachy.

And we bought a box of rice to eat with.....

Singapore Chilli mud crab. first time I tried... Super Delicious !!!

I have never tried in other places but I love this... the crab was really fresh (since it is fish market..haha) and the sauce was flavoursome, salty, sweet and a little bit spicy... I was so inlove with it, lots of licking fingers.

wanna eat it again.

Nut and her lovely mum.

Crab sauce with rice... heaven !

Even we were quite full but we still had another half dozen of Pacific oyster, this time we tried another original place (can't remember from where)... This one was a bit more expensive than the first one and a lot bigger.

Huge !!!

Happy face with too happy stomach.

After super satisfied, we headed to Rozelle Saturday market, shopped until tired and had a rest at Piccolo's cafe near that area.

The interior is quite cozy, feel like it is runned by Italian family (just my guess). We had latte, cappuccino and a passionfruit slice which was very heavily creamy.

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