Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eating day with Nut's mum

This week Nut's mum came to Sydney for holiday. I am lucky enough to join their brunch and dinner :D

We first started at True religion espresso bar in Balmain.

They served some of adraino's pastries too.

Cute :D

Cappuccino, Latte & Hot chocolate

Mum ordered brownie, it was not as dry as its look but it contains coconut which I am not a fan.

Coffee was not bad.

Italian potato rosti on a bed of rocket served with smoked salmon, sundried tomatos and mint yogurt $12

When the waitress brought the dish to the table, we were like ''oohhh''. It was huge ! very value for money. Salmon was delicious having with the rocket and yogurt.

The disappointed thing was rosti. It came in the muffin shape but very hard and dry. They definitely heat it with microwave too long.

We didn't eat too much since we planned to continue our sweet brunch at Adriano Cafe.

We had to wait for 20 mins to get the table.

The heart macarons look really nice but I didn't try.

Ricotta Pancake : cooked in orange butter, served with a berry compote and passionfruit cream $12

It was very big pancake, look like a big omlette...haha

I like, it was nicely soft with the orange, and tangy berry compote and a hint of passionfruit. But we were too full to finish ><

The younger years : chocolate fondant with raspberry coulis and vanilla anglaise injection and peanut butter gelato $13.50

The chocolate fondant was disappointed, dry and not chocolaty. The high light was peanut brittle.. crispy and nutty.

After lovely brunch, we headed to Rozelle market. I really like this market cuz the things are very cheap and nice... I spent less than $30 for my tops, shorts, earring and bag.

Our day was not finish yet, we had a light dinner at Wagaya.

Their symbol, touch screen !

Beef negi maki, chicken with namban sauce, buri's wing and salmon rolls.

1 bowl of rice for 3 people..haha with a delicioius chinese style shark fin salad, so tasty.

Thanks Nut and Mum for a wonderful day :D


missklicious said...

Wow, looks like a fantastic day full of great food!

Anonymous said...

Wagaya!! One of my absolute favourite places to eat in Sydney. =D

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

missklicious : haha..yeah, so full and tired but happy ^ ^

debbii : hehe... I like the atmosphere too.. good for having dinner with friends :D

panda said...

so much food! If i had someone visiting sydney, i would probably take them to the same places too. anyway, now that you're blogging again, i'm guessing that work isn't quite so busy?

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Panda : hehe.. I just think that if I won't try to update my blog, it will be like dead blog..haha... How are you? I saw u baking a lot :D

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Aww what sweet photos! Wagaya is lots of fun isn't it! :D

Mark @ Cafe Campana said...

What an amazing day of eating. I can't believe the amount of smoked salmon they served, I'm surprised they are still in business and not filing for bankruptcy.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Lorraine : haha..yeah, its a trick calling people to go try restaurant :)

Mark : We were very surprised also when saw the dish. But they just opened the business not so long ago.. maybe that's why? haha