Sunday, August 15, 2010

FourAteFive (again)

First time I came here, it was not this busy. Since FourAteFive was in Timeout magazine.. There were such a long queue in front of the cafe at 10 am.

Before I saw the Zumbo's passionfruit tarts on the display.. now no more?

This barista make a really good coffee.

Bonsoy Mocha

OMG, one of the best mocha I had, I wish it would be bottomless.

Baked Eggs : Moroccan baked eggs with almond flake servied with grilled sourdough

ordered this one again since Ping & Ball had never tried it yet.

Banana Pancake with strawberries and cherry ice cream

It was good, the banana was not too strong even Ping who doesnt like banana enjoyed this dish.

Ping & Ball

Four Ate Five
485 Crown St., Surry Hills, 2010
Tel : (02) 9698 6485

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Simon Food Favourites said...

i hope to try this cafe one day. pity it's so popular now though.