Saturday, August 14, 2010


One day while I was google-ing about Bacco, I found one nice review and that was the first time I knew this beautiful blog. After awhile, in Chocolate Suze's bday party, we (Heidi and I) saw one girl was standing alone. She said it was her first time in Food blogger meeting, "so do I" said me. After I knew what her blog is... aha, "Oh Monica, I am Ja from Bacco" :P

Some people when you first meet, you can tell that ... "umm.. I like this person." That's why I asked her to go try some places together :)

Blancharu was one of the places I had wanted to go but kept forgetting. Even better when Monica told that there was a special promotion to celebrate their 2nd Anniversary, throughout the month of August they had a special 6 Course Anniversary Degustation for just $65. (I know this post was way behind ^ ^'')

Anniversary Degustation Menu

Mineral water.

There were 2 types of bread to choose from ; French onion & plain. I started with the former one. Nicely warm, reminded me of French onion soup.

The atmosphere was easy and relaxing (French Japanese restaurant). Most customers were Japanese which was a good sign.

First course : Pacific Oysters with Tosazu Jelly

Wow, these oysters were huge ! One mouthfull was definitely not enough. Oyster itself was very plump and juicy, the Tosazu jelly was made with soy sauce, vinegar and dashi (info from Monica :P). Very clean and refreshing dish.

Second course : Black Truffle with Prosciutto on a Sunny Side Up Egg

Oh my, the Truffle serving was so generous, definitely better for your pocket than the one at Vue de Monde. The Truffle aroma was definitely noticeable.

I love that they served it in the skillet, how cute !

Nut & I


The egg white looks dry but its not. The Prosciutto, the cheese and the runny yolk made the dish so perfect. Happy happy me!

Third course : Foie Gras "Chawanmushi" with Dashi Broth

This dish (or cup) I tell you... Looks simple but it was the winner ! Once it was served at the table, smelled really good. But not yet.. you can't imagine how good it can be until your first spoon. Everyone was silent !

It was so creamy yet light, just melt in your mouth. The Foie Gras flavour was subtle and didn't left any gritty feeling. The Dashi broth was season perfectly, the added lime zest made this so beautiful.... I really want you to see how funny when we kept eating this one silently lol

My second round : plain bread, I personally prefer this to the onion one.

Fourth course : Poisson du Jour

Fish of the day : pan seared blue eye cod with braised fennel, fennel creme and bisque broth. Unfortunately the fish was a bit dry but I like the rest of the dish.

Fifth course : Lamb Ragout, Parsnip Mash & Hatcho Miso

The serving here is so generous. I was quite stuffed at this stage. The lamb was very tender but nothing special about it, quite a decent dish.

Sixth course : Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream & Macerated Strawberries

No matter how full we were, of course we were still looking for dessert.

Nicely gooey inside :)

Mine was not so liquidy as Nut's one (as picture) but still fine. The cake was light and spongy different from the normal one I had tried, Japanse style I guess, which was good for our so-full stomach.

For us, all entrees we had here were Amazing ! (It could be bad since it made us feel that the mains become normal :P). About the price, definitely good value for money..

The service was very polite and friendly, just like typical Japanese ^ ^

1/21 Elizabeth Bay Rd., Potts Point, NSW
Tel : (02) 9360 3555


Monica ^o^ said...

LOL I like you too Ja !! Thanks for such kind words ^_^ face is as round as the pan hahahahaha ^.^

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Monica : haha, I think ur face is cute ! Everyone see u will wanna kiss ur cheek :D