Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ganache Chocolate Lounge

After we came out from Noisette, the eating day had not finished yet.. We decided to go to Ganache Chocolate in South Yarrah. Chef Karen (chef from LCB) told us that this shop is owned by her friend.

It is at the corner of Toorak and Chapel St.

A dazzling array of cakes.

Showcasing the fine European-style chocolate handmade.

We were a bit surprised that most of customers were asian at that time.

We took a small lovely table.

My friend had hot tea (forgot what tea?)

There's also an extensive list of decadent beverages on offer, such as designer hot chocolates flavoured with Mexican chilli, winter spices, hazelnut, and orange cointreau as well as chocolate-infused coffees.. However, I went for the original one $6.00

Black forest slice $6.90

Very average cake.. maybe we were too full from Noisette.

The hot chocolate here is not my cup of tea, I found it has some aftertaste but my friend like it though.

Happy happy happy !

Ganache Chocolate Lounge
250 Toorak RdSouth Yarra 3141 VIC
Tel: (03) 9804 7485


panda said...

the cakes look pretty! and yeah, when i find that i'm too full, it's really hard to eat something sweet.

the cafe interior looks nice too!

soulchocolate said...

That black forest slice is picture-perfect!!!! You look like you had so much fun in Melbourne, nice!!!!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

panda : yeah, its pretty but too bad that I was too full

soulchocolate : thanks ^ ^ this time I didn't eat out much but still tried to manage to eat good food as much as I can.. still miss a lots

Joe said...

i have driven pass this shop so many times - i have to check it out one day soon!