Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Porch

I still have a few restaurants' posts while I was in Thailand... This is the one that after I saw the review in Pantip, it immediately was on my list. The food is a Japanese-style Western cuisine.

The cozy house is located at Sukhumvit 39.

The atmosphere is so nice, I like.

Peipei got the kids' plate... so cute.

Green Tea

Butter....ahhh... pretty.

They served 2 kinds of bread; toasted and untoasted..


This is for ?

Caesar Salad : Ham and fresh avocado, cheese and cream dressing 280 Baht

Ratatuille with boiled egg : Mixed Vegatable cook in tomato sauce and top with egg 180 Baht

The egg was cooked perfectly, the veggie was very mild not as intense as the western style.

Premium Pork Sausage: Assorted (cheese and red pepper) served with Thick-cut Fries 250 Baht

Very good, the sausage is crunchy and juicy like German style.

Uni Spaghetti : Sea Urchin spaghetti with very light cream uni (from Japan) sauce 380 Baht
Mmm...... maybe I expected too much, I prefer the mentaiko spaghetti better, this one has not much taste for me.

Pepperonchino (bacon and muchroom): Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, red pepper, bacon and mushroom
Mum like it.

served with cheese and chilli oil

Stewed Pork: Stewed premium pork with a lot of vegetables with tomato sauce 280 Baht

Very very mild, too mild for my liking (even I normally have a plain palatte)

Beef Fillet Steak and Foie Gras (from France) 850 Baht

This is special of the day, and it got both beef and foie gras..why not !

The beef was so so tender and succulent...even it seems not so much fat. My god, I was very impressed

Foie gras...very good also

Pudding: Rich pudding with two kinds of sauce/berry and caramel

Quite nice not too sweet

English Tea Chiffon Cake: Soft and light cake with whipped cream and fruit sauce 120 Baht

Simple yet classic...

This place is such a romantic place, the service is fabulous, even though I found out some dishes are not my cup of tea but I still wanna come here for romantic mood, anyone wanna take me here?


Hungry Hamster said...

I tried this out as well! Totally forgot about it ka! It was on my list as well after I saw P' On posted it in Pantip...I think I expected too much as well, it was very bland for me ka...quite disappointed.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Hungry Hamster : haha...I tried to avoid the word ''bland'' by using ''mild'' instead lol