Monday, March 16, 2009

Vanilla Brasserie

One of my favourite restarant (but can't go often cuz a bit pricy T_T) Vanilla Brasserie in Sian Paragon.

This french style cafe focuses of crepes, easy cooking dishes and desserts.

The logo is very cute!

Cappuccino for me and Latte for mum.. haha my one got a piece of cookie :D

Salad of crisp squid ฿265

The batter was well seasoned, the rocket and dressing was tangy from balsamic vinegar.. when eat with a piece of orange slice.. so refreshing and went so well together.

Chicken pesto and Mozzarella Panini ฿190

I love panini.. if you read my blog enough you may know that I love sandwich..hehe... This one was perfect. the bread crisp and a bit of chewy inside, the filling was hot, melted Mozzarella and juicy chicken.. Yummmm....

Angel hair corned beef with chilli ฿220

This dish is very famous but I don't really like it though, a bit too salty.

I wanna eat again !!!!


panda said...

i've just come back from holidays in thailand and was here on the 2nd night that i was in bangkok. I was only there for desserts and saw all the meals coming out - they looked so good!!! wished i'd had time to go back and try them. anyway, i ended up buying a mug from this place cause i loved the place so much (and all i had was a piece of cake and tea :P)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

panda : I love this place, esp if you know the restaurant history. The owner is the niece of the lady that own ''S&P'' the large company for restaurant and bakery in Thailand. And I really admire the lady :D Many people said sweet crepes here is so good but I have never tried yet... Definitely go after I go back to Thailand.