Sunday, March 15, 2009

Soi Nana with SchwedaKong and the Gang !

Who says that Internet society is dishonest. For me, I got lots of good friends from there (of course from reliable sites). Today was another day that we had a meeting for eating :D

Kong is one of friends that I knew from Pantip, Thai food webboard.. He is an artist (?) who loves cooking and drawing cartoon. He made an Indian sculpture called "Ar Baang" for his art exhibitions.... and he gave me ! Thanks ^ ^

6 of us (the others are Kong's friends) wanted to try something different this time. So we headed to Soi Nana where is like the Middle east town.

Oh dear, I have heard about this place before but never got chance to explore.. This time when I was there... Amazing ! no Thai people there, we were like the tourists. haha. All of them are Lebanese, Turkish, Egyptian, African and etc.

So first restaurant we went is Liberia restaurant. Everything was quite new for me.

Clockwise from left top: Tomato Stew, Okoro, Nsala, Eegusi
Mostly the food cooked from big chunks of beef and chicken and oily.

Rice paste to accompany the main dish.

We ordered plain rice also.. but we didn't finish because we still wanted to try something else.

Okra.. I don't like the feeling when eating it. ^ ^''

After that, we continued walking to find another restaurant.. we passed by this o_O

Not sure goat or lamb.

Then we found 1 look-okey restaurant.

We walked upstair.. got 2 peple sitting.. quite scary though ^ ^''

Shisha here are so shiny.

Huge menu.

Teoy was choosing the dishes.

Egytian Tea

Strong and lots of mints.. nice!

Here food comes!

Buttered Nan, Egyptian Salad, Hollow vegetable stuff, Rolled Grape leaf stuffed meat and rice, Mixed Grilled Lamb. All are quite okey.

Dessert: creme caramel and ?

Another good meal with good friends.


Anonymous said...

Where is the liberian restaurant?

kip said...


Love your blog especially you LCB posts, what is the name of the Liberian restaurant?


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Kip : Glad you like my blog :D I couldn't remember the name of the Liberian restaurant.. its super small place and you have to go up stair.. I will ask friend if he can remember.