Saturday, September 13, 2008


After read from NQN about Wagaya at Haymarket...I told my friends many times that I wanna try...finally today we got a chance to go there...We all 4 people; Sam, Heidi, Stella and me. (haha...eveybody got their own blogs)

Nobody takes your order at all. It is all done via a touch-screen at your very own table. You click on the entrée, main, sushi, drinks or dessert, enter in how many you want and OK GO! Within a few minutes, a friendly wait-person delivers your order with a smile.

The on screen menu is available in 4 languages - English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. We had fun with this thing...(anyway, I still prefer the real paper menu)

It's a simple matter of choosing a section (drinks, sushi+sashimi, starters etc). I sat quite far from the screen so I mainly looked out from the paper menu...There are sooooo many varieties of drinks...hehe...of course Ja was focusing on Cocktail menu lol.

Heidi's Opal (October) $5.90, Stella's Aurora Vodca base $9.80 and Ja's Fresh squeezed Grapefruit sour mix $6.50.
Mine has Umeshu but I couldn't really taste it (I have never try Umeshu by the way)...all tasted nice.

Lightly grilled salmon and scallop box sushi $11.90 I like this dish...Fresh and tasty.

Wafu Pizza $7.90 It is like Pita bread with grilled chicken, mushroom and mochi on top...I have no idea what the Wafu is..the sauce is kinda white sauce..Heidi don't like this dish...(I feel ok and like chicken though ^ ^)

Unagi chazuke $7.50 I really wanna try this dish for long time and I like it...the clear soup is light and not overpower with seasoning. It must be a lot better to eat this in Japan.

Eel cheese spring roll $6.20

Disappointed...Don't get me wrong..It is not bad but just ok only...

Aha....Sushi Roulette $8.50 One of the most interesting dish for this restaurant...It came with 6 pieces sushi, 5 pieces with normal amount of wasabi and the only one is stuffed full of wasabi. Heidi was the first one who picked the sushi and you know.......She took it !!!!!

We knew that was hers...because she was suddenly quiet..haha...

Ox tongue Nikomi (stew) $8.90 ...mmm...sauce was quite ok but the Ox tongue was like missing something...

We did enjoyed our dinner....even you will see the waitress only they come to serve the dish and give a bill...They are very friendly.


Level 1, 78-86 Harbour St.,

Haymarket, Sydney

Tel : (02) 9212 6068

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Lorraine E said...

Oh cool! Glad that you liked it :) I agree the eel spring roll wasn't that good, it was too rich for us and an odd combination but I liked the sushi roulette and the aburi sushi. I love the touchscreen idea too, no mixups about your order (unless self caused hehe)