Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Azuma, Chifley

Azuma is one of the most famous fine dining Japanese restaurant in Sydney, being claimed as Tetsuya's favourite place. We were keen to try but opted for lunch since the lunch set is affordable.

1 pm. The place was packed with office people.

Azuma Bento : Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura, Wagyu Beef steak, Azuma's. 'Amuse-
Bouche', Blanched Seasonal Vegetables, rice and Miso soup $40.00

I was extremely happy when this bento was brought to the table, very beautiful, don't you think?

Sashimi : fresh as it should be

Sushi : I had been wanted to try their sushi for long time. First bite in my mouth, wow, so nicely smokey flavour. I dipped it in to soy sauce a little bit and found it quite salty (I dipped very very little) then I tried eating it without dipping, it already has been seasoned with salt. Asking me whether I like it, yes I do but not my favourite. Will you guys laughing me if I say that I prefer the aburi sushi at Makoto? hahaha cuz I like the one that sauce and mayo :P

Tempura : 2 prawns and a piece of sweet potato. I love the prawn, it was super fresh and cruchy. The batter, however, was too thick and oily.

Wagyu beef steak : nicely smokey and the sauce was complement the flavour very well. Taste like char grilled pork "Moo Ping" in Thailand. I want it to be more fatty so it can melt in my mouth though.

Amuse Bouche : a piece of grilled fish (I am not sure if it is miso flavoured cod but I really like it, very buttery and moist), a piece of deep fried soft shell crab (I like and it does spicy), a bread-crumb prawn (again, the prawn was so fresh), a meat ball ( I don't know what it is but it tasted like typical Japanese typical meat ball in sweet sauce), broccori (too full to eat) and a half of strawberry.

Blanched Seasonal Vegetables : very refreshing.

Miso : lots of veggies and tofu inside, however, not my liking. I like the plain miso soup with only seaweed and tofu. I found this one is too oily to eat when it cools down.

Super happy faces with our bento !

After that, of course I took Nut to see Bacco and our super small kitchen :D

For me, I think the bento's look is nicer than its taste. Don't get me wrong, the food here is nice but maybe I expected too much.

Azuma Japanese Restaurant
Level 1 Chifley Plaza, 2 Chifley Square, Sydney 2000
Tel : (02) 9222 9960

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