Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vue de Monde

This is my second time at Vue de Monde, one of my most favourite fine dining restaurant. When I knew that I would have chance to go Melbourne, I told myself I had to go this place again !

Nut, LS and I booked for dinner on Thursday night at 6.30 pm.

Excited !

I found the cutlery last time was a little bit prettier :P

I love our table, just next to the open kitchen which I can see the dishes they were preparing.

Olive, horseradish mousse and potato crisp

I can't really remember the dish, but I think it was quite normal.

AMUSE BOUCHE : Muesli bar

It looked very interesting. First I saw it from far away, I thought the transparent thing is edible like jelly or else. But it was the bag filled with some gel (forgot to ask what it is for). This dish was (seem-to-be) healthy and nutty. I like.

I love the butter.

JARDIN DE LÉGUMES : Heide vegetable garden

Very fresh and light, good for starting the meal.

Warm bread roll (if i am not mistaken, its soy linseed)

SAUMON FUMÉ : Australian salmon, lightly smoked at the table (cured, sugared, smoked)

The waiter opened the cover in front of you then you will smell the smokiness of the dish. I was too busy taking picture, cound't smell any :"(

Asking me, it was the dish I like the least. The salmon was quite fishy but eating it with the whole condiments made it better.

OEUF DE CANARD ET TRUFFE : Fried duck egg, onion & Manjimup truffle ($60 extra for truffle)

Sounds very simple but it was the most fancy version of the fried egg. The egg white part was very smooth, velvety and creamy. I think it was mixed with something else. Since it was the duck egg, the yolk was huge and very rich. The gravy thing tasted like onion soup which compliment the egg well. About the truffle, Nut and I opted for adding truffle while LS said no but had a wine matching. I felt regret for adding it since the truffle even was given quite a lot but it was not really provide the aroma as it should be.

see the oozing yolk !

SORBET AU CONCOMBRE : Cucumber sorbet, elderflower granite and frozen lime

I like it, very refreshing.

BŒUF DE BLACKMORE ET BETTRAVE : Blackmore wagyu, beetroot & wood sorrel

OMG, AMAZING ! The red beetroot sauce was poured on the plate in front of you. It looked like blood, such a beauty ! We ate it slowly because don't want to finish it.

This was LS's dish, I think her beef had more fat than mine... jealous ;P

Ja & Nut & LS

Finished the savoury dish, here come the desserts.

ENTREMET SUCRÉ : Frozen lolly, popping candy, homemade lemonade

Last time I came here, I was very surprised and impressed by the kiwi lolly pop. So this time, it looked normal but telling you, it was awesome !

OEUFS DE POULES : Prune and Armagnac eggnog, pistachio custard, Grand-Marnier mousse, served in an egg carton

Isn't it cute ?

I started with the left hand side,

Pistachio custard : light, creamy and nice flavour.
Prune and Armagnac eggnog : very rich and strong in alcohol
Grand-Marnier mousse : I like, also strong in alcohol

Alcohol in both of eggnog and mousse was so strong which I like and would love to finish it. However, since I was suffered from Reflux, I had to give half of those two to LS T^T

Normally every people at the table will get the same dessert. Fortunately, let me tell the story.

Me : Can we have different desserts? ;P

Maitre'd :
We are very sorry but every one will get the same dish. Do you guys have any special food requirement or dislike?

Me : I can't eat lots of citrus (due to the Reflux) and I don't really like the soft meringue or marshmallow like (sorry I am not try to be so picky but I tried it many times and can't stand it)

Maitre'd : ok, so you are not a fan of souffle?

Me : yeah, kind of

LS : Aiyooooo.... (disappointed)

Me : Oh.. ermm..well, I don't mind souffle, just not floating island ^ ^''

Maitre'd : mmm... ok, let's see what I can do for you guys :)

and when the dessert came, wow, you steal our heart !

GÂTEAU À LA CAROTTE : Carrot patch

He plated this one for Nut, the deconstructed carrot cake. I love the bottle plate... so clever !

SOUFFLÉ AU CHOCOLAT : Chocolate soufflé, chocolate mousse & crème anglaise

Finally LS got her souffle, she loved it. It looked so tempting but when I tasted, lucky I didn't get it. It was marshmallow texture like.. haha (sorry I am not a fan)

RHUBARD AU LAIT : Rhubarb & milk
(sorry for the poor quality of picture, I tried my best)

The maitre'd put this in front of me and I was a bit nervous, I thought I wouldn't like it but first spoon, just felt in love. The milk meringue was light and crisp (I like crispy meringue) , the milk foam was sooooooooo creamy and taste fantastic. In addition, I am a rhubarb person, so it was a perfect dish for me. Actually the plate looks very beautiful, really really beautiful, just like stars in the sky. But too bad, I can't take the picture..haha

We saw the waiter was serving this one to many table and we all thought it was one of the dessert and seemed quite interesting. Suddenly it was brought to us, hooray !!!! It was the petit four.

NOTRE SÉLECTION DE CAFÉS, THÉS, INFUSIONS ET PETITS-FOURS : A selection of coffee, teas, infusions and petits-fours

Chocolate macarons, tuile and lemon curd

Nougat, oh my, it is the BEST nougat I have ever had !

Vue de Monde's style Lamington

We felt interested to see the Aussie dessert in French restaurant but we were not disappointed. It was the chocolate mousse filled with raspberry jam, good indeed.

Such a most beautiful meal, the service was warm and very impressive ! I would love to go there again and again and again (if my budget allow)

Vue de Monde
Normanby Chambers
430 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel : (03) 9691 3888


Simon Food Favourites said...

wow very beautifully plated food although can the dishes on the plate get any smaller? hehe i'll have to visit next time i'm in melbs :-)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Simon : hahaha, actually its 5 courses but they keep feeding us with extra dishes. I think its very worth for $150 (if not add the truffle) My friend had the wine matching for$105 extra and she was extremely happy (she knows a lot about wine, unlike me..haha)

Highly recommend to go :)

Jutapha said...

Vue is still Vue!!! wanna go back and enjoy it again and again..

Heidi said...

Wow Ja! looks awesome! I want to go too~

thang @ noodlies said...

wow, GÂTEAU À LA CAROTTE : Carrot patch what a fantastic concept bottle plate.. it really did look like a fine dining experience... stayed not far from there when i was in melb a couple of weeks ago but had no idea.

will keep an eye out when i'm back in the gorgeous city of laneways in another week or two.

the dainty baker said...

Oh I am so jealous!! cant wait till I go to melb next to try this restaurant out!! ps. how cool is that bottle plate!!!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Jutapha : same here :)

Heidi : make sure u go there if u got chance to go Melbourne.. I just love it.

thang : oh, then please make a booking now, wish u have a lovely meal there.

the dainty baker : yes yes, the bottle plate is so cool !

panda said...

so many different dishes to the last time i went. I need to come back!! everything looks so good!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Wow, that's very innovative stuff and I'm so glad that you all got different desserts-YAY!

claire said...

Wow, I love that bottle plate!
I've never been to Vue... :(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

WOW!! i want to go once i get a job. My friend just a while ago, had the same items as u girls.

Iron Chef Shellie said...

*sigh* I long for the day when I can finally afford to eat at Vue de Monde! so jealous!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Jenny : I wanna go back too. It is so good.

Lorraine : yes, I was so happy :)

Claire : oh, please go, I dunno but I love it ! Even I didn't like every dishes but I love the whole experience.

Joe : oh, how do ur friend think about? and I am waiting to see ur review about Vue de Monde :)

Iron Chef Shellie : It is not so expensive compared to the fine dining in Sydney :'( I am jealous u guys in Melbourne :D

Anonymous said...

OH! that definitely will be my top list on my next trip to melb! loveee it!