Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SP Lesson 22 - 27 : Sugar Work, Pastillage

The last 2 weeks we studied all about sugar ! At first when I knew that I have to study about sugar work, I thought it is not interesting at all, also very dangerous (boiling sugar until 155C). But when I saw sugar work from chef Herve, is so amazing and very beautiful !

The first day we studied about Pastillage, the mixture between icing sugar and egg white. We mix, roll and let it dry then assemble it on the following Monday.

From chef Keith.

So sad I don't have my showpiece from Pastillage cuz I absented the class on the next Monday :P

The sugar work below are from chef Herve. Sugar work can be pulled sugar, poured sugar, blown sugar, etc.

when watching his demo, looks so easy but the real thing is really really hard !

my showpiece !

Now I knew I am not good at Blown sugar T_T

Other friends made about 7-8 fruits but I did only 3 then ok..enough !

Even it is a lot far different from chef, I am satisfied for now !

hehe...another my apple !

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