Monday, December 1, 2008

Miso II

This dinner supposed to be happen at Balmain with Heidi and Stella. I should take the bus to Balmain but when I went to George St. on last Friday, got some fire there, lots of fire trucks and no buses T_T

Worse, it was raining, I was annoyed and hugry so the only thing came up in my head was ''lets find Japanese food here''

There were not many choices at that time cuz it was raining...Makoto or Miso.. umm... ok, Miso, my second time !

Now a few tables empty but it was full in a few mins.

Let's start !

I ordered the Sashimi set. The real one looks even better than in the


Green tea soba in soy sauce dressing. So freshing.

Don't know what it is called and how it is cooked but it was so tasty. I really like it.

Mayonnaise pasta, the least interesting dish in this meal.

It was the outside part of the scallop (don't know what it is called again) .. Yummm....

Come to see the main... Looks so beautiful, in the menu they said 4 kinds of sashimi but there are 5 actually !



Salmon, the best of the plate

more king fish and hokkigai

Squid with shrimp roe ( I am not a fan of squid so I couldn't finish)


Miso soup

Another good meal !


Simon Food Favourites said...

wow looks nice and fresh and alot to eat. how much did it all cost?

s :-)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Simon : Oh, I forgot to mention..It is $16.50 good value, rite?

Joe said...

อิจฉาจังอ่ะคับ คุณจ๋า อยากเรียนบ้าง แต่ไม่กล้าลาออกจากงานไปเรียนคับ -_-"

อันนี้ บล๊อคผมคับ

ที่ Le Cordon Bleu มีคอร์สแบบพาร์ทไทม์ป่ะคับ