Friday, December 12, 2008

Zen Cucina & Iberry

Woo....... Finally. I got chance to update the blog. Now I am in Thailand (in the south of Thailand, my hometown), back from Sydney since 11th Dec 08 and I was in Bangkok for a few days before flying to Malaysia to visit Deryk and...... I am so lucky..... because of his mum's kindness, we-mum, Deryk, Henrik and I- spent our christmas holiday in Turkey. Anyway, I will try my best to write all my journey as much I can.

Let's start with the first day I was in Bangkok. It is so funny that when I came back to Thailand, I didn't want to eat so much Thai food..haha... My mum, Peipei (my niece) and I went to Central World to take picture of christmas decoration there and of course to find some good food to eat.

We took a long walk to find some new restaurants but we still couldn't find an interesting one... so we ended up at our favourite, Zen Cucina Contemporary Japanese restaurant. It is quite expensive but worth (but can't go too often :P)

In front of Central World.


She is so cute !

Took photo with sushi before eating sushi lol

Menu (but so sad this time I forgot some names of the dishes)


Hot green tea

Mixed rolls

Everything was so good and fresh.

Peipei's all time favourite, Unagi rice. Everytime she goes to Jap restaurant, have to order it. (I always fight with her for this dish..haha...) Normally she doesn't eat much rice but she unbelievably eat a lot for this.

Seaweed soup came with Unagi rice. I prefer this clear soup than miso soup.

Linguini with mixed mushroom. I ordered it since my mum like eating mushroom and this dish didn't disappointed her at all.

The plate is so stylish.

Spaghetti with cod roe.

Awesome !!! The pasta was cooked just perfect, a bit thin which I like. They are so generous giving cod roe as you can see in the picture. Creamy but not too oily, a bit spicy.. I still dream of it now... Definitely Recommend !

Wagyu don.

Beef was good and tender but just a bit overpower with sweet dark soya sauce.

Shabu Shabu.

2 dipping sauces: sesame and sour soya sauce

Wagyu beef. I am not a shabu person but I think it was ok.

Actually we were already full at this stage know.... I can't miss dessert ! We came to Iberry, the Thai owned ice cream shop.
So many flavours : Sherbet and Ice cream.

We chose 3 flavours: Passionfruit, Cookie & cream, Cappucino. All of them were so delicious.

My mum had just a big mug of cappuccino.

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