Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blok M & RM (Rich Maha)

Deryk told me that Blok M is always the favourite place for his gang. On Saturday lunch after football, they usually go either Ramenya or Blok M.

We went there around 11 domething.. so we were the first table in the restuarant.

The pictures on the wall are so cute.

2 Iced lemon tea (obviously you see only 1.. haha)

Deryk's Fried chicken with chilli sauce (can't really remember the name of the dish)

They are so generouse with the portion.. 3 big pieces of chicken were freshly fried and the chilli was so tasty (totally different from the one I tried at Shalom, Sydney, near my house.. that one is so expensive and chicken was like fried since the day before :P)

I ordered Indonesian Grilled fish $10. It was HUGE ! I think they fried it instead of grill but still very good, fresh and juicy. The black soy sauce was so good.

In Australia, I rarely to get chance to eat the whole fish.. miss it ><

Deryk said last time Henrik got the fish even bigger than this.

Ok, another day, we were trying to find something to eat.. We went to RM but it was too early, the restaurant hadn't be opened yet. (about 30 more minutes). So we had coffee at Caffe Duomo in Little Collin first.

I came to there place twice in 2007. The coffee was so good that time. One of the best mocha I have ever had.

But this time it was quite average.. still good but not special as last time.

Then our mission.. RM, I always hear about how good of this place from Deryk

Tea Tarik, a lot better than Mamak in Sydney :P

Chicken curry puff.

I found it really good. The pastry was very nice. Deryk and Henrik said the filling should be spicer but they both agree with me about pastry.

Roti Telor (with egg) with dahl & curry sauce
Blok M
380 Little Bourke St., Melbourne
Tel : (03) 9600 2534

Rich Maha Little Collins
Shop 9, 343 Little Collins St.,
Melbourne 3000
Tel : (03) 9670 8998

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