Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Melbourne, I came back ! : Cafe Giraffe

I just came back from my great holiday in Melbourne during 8 - 21 Apr... This time we didn't eat out much... But still had nice food there :D

My flight by Jetstar to Avalon airport (cuz a lot cheaper) was in the morning on Wednesday 8 Apr.. I arrived there 2 hrs before the departure time..haha (yeah wait for so long).. My eating trip started by Scone with fresh cream and jam at the airport... The scone and coffee set is $6

I didn't expect that it would be this nice... warm, buttery and fluffy.

Almost 2 hrs, I was sleeping on the plane... Finally already arrived Melbourne, I took another 50 mins by Sunbus ($36 return) to Southern cross station. Deryk came to pick me up and we walked walked and walked to find something to eat on the way back home (on Russel & La Trobe St.)

I had no idea where to go so Deryk took me to the cute cafe called ''Cafe Giraffe''. At first I was a bit surprised that why he chose this cafe cuz it doesn't seem to be his type.

The special on the board has already finished when we were there. (almost 2 pm)

There are 2 very pretty waitresses working there... Deryk told me that his friend recommended this place to him. I knew now that it is not about food for sure..hahaha

I think the cafe is so Japanese style but Nick (Deryk's friend) said that it is Korean style... Anyway, the staffs all speak Chinese. lol

The decoration is very very nice and relaxing.. lots of western people there.

I think the owner want it to be like home then people can take a sit, read a book and have a nice coffee...

The photo by cafe is showing outside the cafe.

What do u think?

There are not many varieties of food on the menu, mainly are pies, wraps and a few Asian dishes which are already pre-made, need to heat up. The establishment is very busy. We ordered about 20 mins before the food were served. During that time, lots of customers came in. Some come just for coffee, some for food.

Sesame Chicken noodle salad $8 Recommend !

Tasty ! It is served chilled so it is very refreshing and the shreded chicken was moist and tender. I normally like this kinda taste. Last time my Japanese friend made for me, I am so sad that I can't remember the recipe.. its about sesame dressing and mayonnaise but it shouldn't be difficult. Deryk loves it and he won't believe when I said that I can make this salad lol

My veggetable lasanga $8

It tasted ok just that it's not hot. I am really disappointed when the food that suppose to be piping hot become lukewarm T_T ... Deryk told me that I have to learn to return the food when it's not nice... but I didn't do that.

The food wasn’t a top-notcher but I already felt in love with the ambiance.

Giraffe Cafe
302 Lt Lonsdale St. (between Elizabeth and Queens St),
Tel : 03 9640 0889


Edge said...

Aw what a cute little cafe! x

soulchocolate said...

I would love to get to Melbourne some day, I have heard so much about Queen Victoria Markets. You look like you had a great time! Giraffe cafe does have a nice ambiance I totally agree!!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Edge : its very very cute cafe. I also want to go again to have a coffee there.

Soulchocolate : I love Queen Victoria Market. Good quality and cheap... You should go there, totally recommend :)

Hungry Hamster said...

Which cafe is the scone from? It looks good! Is it Gloria Jeans? I remembered having scones in Gloria Jeans in Sydney as well. It was surprisingly good! :p

Jutapha said...

Cute cafe ka :)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Hungry Hamster : Its not GJ ka.. Its the cafe on the left hand side after you take the escalator down before going to the gate.. (Opposite way to food court) and dont forget its in domestic terminal na ka. I tried one in GJ also.. this one is a lot better :)

Jutapha : the food is just ok, nong Pea but the decoration is so cute.. I saw the dessert in someones' blogs look good also

panda said...

what a gorgeous cafe! sometimes i think the food can be average but the atmosphere makes up the experience of eating out. look forward to reading the rest of your melbourne posts!

Iron Chef Shellie said...

I'm going here on Saturday night. Hope the food is better. A friend really wants me to go there, he is in love with the massive tree in the middle!