Friday, April 24, 2009

The mess hall + Roule Galette

Easter friday... not many cafes opened... We felt like having a cup of coffee... so we were walking along the street... finally found this cafe.

There are breakkies menu but we wanted just light breakfast.

Deryk's Mocha

My skinny cappuccino with raspberry muffin. coffee was nice, nothing special for muffin.

Today Deryk went out with friends for lunch, so I was thinking what I should try here. It was a bit difficult since almost everywhere were closed.. Oh I found this crepe cafe.. wanted to try for long time..lucky me !

Just a few tables inside and outside.. I grabed a seat inside and ordered

"The “Galette” is an authentic savoury pancake, which comes from the French region of “Bretagne”, made from buckwheat flour" written in thier website.

She was making my galette as I can see the ham.

Ham & Cheese Galette $7.50

Everytime I see the picture of galette, always think that it will be crispy..but its not.. soft but not as much as sweet crepe.

Even I am a big fan of cheese.. after eating this, feel too much cheesy..hehe... better to share with friend.

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The mess hall
51 Bourke St., Melbourne 3000
Tel : (03) 9654 6800

Roule Galette - French Crêperie
Scott Alley, 241 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Phone (03) 9639 0307

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