Saturday, April 25, 2009

Horoki Casual Dining / Bar

Horoki has been my all time favourite... Again, this time I went there.. ordered most the same dishes I had last year and in 2007. Every dishes are still very very good as before.. We booked the table on Tuesday night for 3 people.. still have no table, have to sit at the bar. *sorry for the quality of the picture, I am not used to Deryk's Casio camera T_T

There are only 2 kitchen staffs, 1 head chef and 1 sous.

The special menu looks good but all of them have sold out T_T

I ordered some special tea but forgot what it is..haha. Remember only it tasted like normal tea.

Henrik's Green Tea

Deryk's Iced raspberry tea.

Every dishes were so so nice. I said how good they were in the last post already. Only the price has been increased about $1 each dish.

Daikon salad with sashimi $14.50 : Sashimi style salad dotted with cuts of sashimi toped with a light sesame and soy dressing

Tuna Carpaccio $14.80 : Tuna sashimi served in a light soy dressing, sprinkled with a grated parmigiano raggiano and topped with a touch of mayonnaise

Still dream of it.

Soft shell crabs $14.80

Beef Tartar $13.50 : Minced fresh beef flavoured with sesame oil served with fresh quail egg and mayonnaise

Crispy Chicken "Yuzu'' flavour $ 14.50 : Fried chicken pieces served on the bed of mixed salad leaf topped with tartar sauce.

Only this was the new dish we never tried... Only not disappointed. The chicken was crispy and the yuza soy sauce and the tartar sauce made the good balance fo the dish.

I really like there crockery.

Horoki Original Pasta with spicy cod roe butter $15

Meal can't be completed without this dish... Amazing. You can see how much cod roe they put.

The food here are not cheap but bring us all good memory and so happy dining there.

Horoki Casual Dining Bar
19 Liverpool St, Melbourne 3000
Tel : (03) 9663 2227


Simon Food Favourites said...

will have to keep in mind when i'm next on Melbourne.
s :-)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Simon : you cant miss the Tuna Carpaccio, Daikon Salad, Beef tartar and Pasta... All is wonderful !

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Tuna sashimi with reggiano? Sounds fascinating!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Lorraine : It is really really good :D