Saturday, October 4, 2008

Life must be adventurous?

Someone told me that sometimes life must be adventurous and spontaneous.... for example, one wake up, don't need to plan anything, just walk along the street. Stop to look at something interesting, eat at some places that you found and talk with someone that you have never met before... mmm...

Anyway, today lunch we felt like eating Mamak again (it is very good)...

Teh ais $3.5 : Iced milk tea for Deryk and Cham $3.50 Half tea, half coffee for me...soooo sweet ><

Deryk had Nasik lemak with curry chicken like I had before...he gave all crispy anchovies and peanuts to me...

Rojak $10.00 A Malaysian-style salad. Prawn and coconut fritters, fried tofu, hard-boiled eggs, freshly shredded yambean and cucumber, topped with a thick spicy peanut sauce.

I wanted to try Rojak for long time...There are many different types of rojak...This is Mamak style...

The sauce was sweet, nutty and a bit spicy..Deryk said the taste is like the way it should be..Only in Malaysia, the sauce is spicier and the veggie is shredded thinner...The yambean and cucumber here were crunchy and fresh. Sadly they serve this dish just 1 little prawn you can see it was on the top of a thin fried batter...Quite good, but it would be better to share because it was too sweet for me to finish by myself.

Cendol $5.00 : Strach noodles made from fresh pandan leaves, with gula-melaka syrup (palm sugar), coconut milk and shaved ice.

We also have this dessert in Thailand so I don't really know where is the original country ^ ^''

Not too sweet, the little green noodle very small and very soft compared with Thai version.

After that, we exercised by walking to Oxford st. ...(I have been here for 6 months but still have never been there)...until tired then we walked back. I just followed Deryk's instinct...Be adventurous !!!

Finally we walked through Surry Hills...stopped at the very cool cafe...It is called ''Wall cafe'' !!!

We ordered 1 normal Latte and 1 skinny Piccolo Latte (you know which one is whose)

Beautiful crema !

See ! such a nice cafe...

Again....we waited until dinner time (nothing to, eat and eat)

Deryk felt like eating Noodle first I wanted to take him to Chinese Noodle Restaurant at Haymarket but there was lots of people we went to Yee King Noodles and dumplings .

I like colour !

We ordered Stir fried Longbean and minced pork...Very good, the pork tasted like they cook with chinese five spices..If eat with rice, it would be perfect (but we ate with noodle, it was a bit salty)

Stired fried noodle with beef and XO sauce (if I am not mistaken). Beef was tender, noodle was good. But I wanted something spicy tonight...I put lots of chilli lol

Very full !

After this night, I got sorethroat T_T My friend said maybe because of MSG !

Mamak Malaysian roti and satay
15 Goulburn st., Sydney
Tel : (02) 9211 1668

Wall cafe
80 Campbell St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia
Tel : (02) 9280 1980

Yee King Noodles and dumplings
408 Sussex St.
Haymarket, NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9211 1138


Snow White said...

the green noodles..
I think it's from Malaysia.
We called it as Cendol.

Bean Sprout said...

snow white : is called Cendol but there is in Thailand also...we call Lod chong ..hehe