Friday, November 28, 2008

Superior Assessment : Chocolate Box

After finished gateau exam, I am so relax. I went to have a nice brunch at Deli France on George st. before school.

Chicken & bechamel croissant and skinny cappuccino... not bad.

hot and crispy.. woo !

Ok, come back to the exam... Hiah, I am not satisfied with my chocolate.. I think in practical lesson I did it better. This time I tried to make the wooden pattern, my first time, so it didn't turn out nice like I imagined... Moreover, I really like my roses but I was stupid put some cocoa powder on top... looks dirty T_T

Looks not neat at all.

Good idea but ...

I wasted lots of time working with modelling chocolate (to make the rose) that's why I got no time to pipe some chocolate on the top part for nice finish.

Our boxes.

I brought home and my intention is to give it to Aunty Lilian, deryk's aunty, for Christmas present... so I did more decoration which make it a lot better (I think)

Piped the milk chocolate on the lid (first time I tempered chocolate in microwave.. so happy I can do it :D)


SiHaN said...


Firstly, I would like to thank you for all your wondeful photos of your whole journey through the pattisierie course in LCB sydney. I myself am thinking of heading down there next year after my graduation.

Is it alright if you send me an email.. cause i've been dying to ask you some questions about the whole experience! pls mail me at

Hope to hear from you soon! and blog on girl!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Si Han : I sent you an email :)

panda said...

wow! you've finished superior patisserie! congrats! by the way, i love your chocolate box!!!

what are your plans now that you've finished?

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Panda : I will go back home for holiday first and come back for Cert 4. During that time I will find some jobs for experience. After finish Cert4, go back to Thailand but not sure what I will do next .. maybe my own small cafe :D

Tasneem said...

I must say thats wonderful work and really nice pictures !!!
I studied @ WAI too !!! Is LCB better than WAI ?

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Tasneem : mm...cant say that LCB is better than WAI. just its different.. I think LCB is more in to French while WAI is internation.. About theory for example food safety, we (in LCB) always watch DVD made by WAI :)