Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 16 in Melbourne Part II : Horoki Casual Dining / Bar

Horoki Casual Dining....I knew this restaurant from Harbx when I was in Melbourne last year just a few days before I went back to Thailand and really wanna try dinner there....Anyway, I did try their lunch set menu last year and I was satisfied.

This year, when Lishan sent an email me a few months ago that she found one nice Japanese place, called Horoki. I was smiling and quickly wrote her back that is another my favourite restaurant too...

Then our dinner was at 6.30 pm on Friday night. Unfortunately Dennis was busy so he couldn't come.

We-Ja, Deryk and Henrik, arrived there first then Lishan came 5 minutes later.

Nice Japanese pottery.

Cheap eats champ 2007

Today's special menu...but we didn't order anything from here ^ ^''

2 boys had Asahi Beer.

Ja's Green Tea

Lishan's Apple Tea. They serve each tea in a different style cute. At first we thought the waitress forgot to bring a cup.

Then Deryk saw it is the cup underneath the

Tuna Carpaccio $13.80 : Tuna sashimi served in a light soy dressing, sprinkled with a grated parmigiano raggiano and topped with a touch of mayonnaise

This dish was favourite !!! (all of us too) First spoon in my goodness...the soy dressing was really wonderful. I can taste the olive oil, the sour and a bit sweet, the cheese made it more completed. Too bad that it was too little!

Fresh Kingfish Tataki $13.80 : Lightly seared Kingfish with chinese style soy dressing and served on the bed of salad leaf

Good thing of this dish was the charcoal smell...but the flavour was too light, we can't get any taste much (maybe because it was too little too.. 1 piece per person ^ ^'')

Lovely atmosphere.

Warm spinach with bacon and garlic $10.50 : Fresh spinach leaves served with bacon pieces and fried garlic in a soy and balsamic vinegar dressing.

Wonderful again ! We all love this dish...the dressing was very delicious and especially when you eat the spinach, garlic, bacon and the deep fried noodle on top all together in the same time....ahhh

I used the spoon to drink the dressing lol.

Roasted duck and eggplant $16.80 : Sliced of oven roasted duck and a bed of eggplant with smothered in a delightful miso and honey sauce, hinted of Japanese mountain pepper.

The duck was roasted nicely and tender. The deep fried eggplant batons was coated nicely with the miso sauce...quite ok for me...but it was not as good as I thought....I think the sauce was similar as Peking duck sauce which I like... However, Deryk said this dish was a little too sweet for his liking.

Beef Tartar : Minced fresh beef flavoured with sesame oil served with fresh quail egg and mayonnaise.

I wanna try this dish for long time...finally got a chance.

Lishan said this dish was her favourite when she was ordering...Spaghetti with spicy cod roe cream sauce.

It was fantastic !!!!!!!! (in this review, I just used too much good ''adjective'' for description...Can't help ! too good). It was creamy, a bit spicy and soooo tasty *laught*

I told you, they served on a very nice pottery...

Henrik poured the egg on top and mixed it....Ahhh....wanna eat again...Sesame oil give a special aroma.

*mouth watery*

Soft shell crabs....lucky it came into 4 pieces... The plate was painted with sour cream mayonnaise flecked with baby capers and yuzu...(at first I thought the white cream was a part of the

The crab was crispy and nice but not so special.

Henrik ordered the Roasted Pork. We were disappointed ...Don't get me wrong..It was not bad, the pork was very soft and tender but just that it was too salty and nothing special like other dishes...

We finished 8 dishes already...but the portion was so small .....we ordered more !

Daikon salad with sashimi $13.50 : Sashimi style salad dotted with cuts of sashimi toped with a light sesame and soy dressing.

Beautiful taste and apperance...The daikon was very super crunchy ! Again, I have to say that this restaurant is very good at dressing .

Roasted Octopus with garlic butter $12.80 : Pods of octopus served sizzling in a garlic butter sauce. Served with a fresh bread.

Look like escargot...very good ! (but 6 pods of octopus came with 4 pieces of bread T_T)

I think we ordered about half of menu already....I really when eating with this family..cuz 2 boys love to eat and can eat a lot !! This holiday my stomach got much improved ^ ^

Dessert time !!! They 3 had green tea ice cream and I was the only one had Tiramisu...

Tiramisu $7.00

Green tea Ice cream $4.00

The green tea ice cream was really really a green tea ..haha...I asked Deryk to taste...a bit bitter...Wow...I'd better order green tea too...However, my tiramisu was not bad, I was still happy.

Henrik and Lishan ...Actually this time I wanna sit next to Lishan ><

Deryk and Ja...I like this picture by the way...I think I am looking good lol

Ok..I can take picture with Lishan lovely friend...miss you !

At first we were trying not to use flash...the picture was so we have to !

We finished our dinner around 8.10 pm...Lishan went back her home and the rest of us went to watch Batman with 6 more friends at Melbourne Central

The meeting time was 9.15 pm....we got a half an hour ...I was surprised Deryk wanna drink Hot & Cold at San Churros...My god I was so full...Anyway, I still had Caramel Mocha (made me slept at 3.30 am that night), Henrik had classic spanish hot chocolate...

PS. I was satisfied my Batman movie ^ ^

Horoki Casual Dining Bar
19 Liverpool St, Melbourne 3000 VIC
Phone: (03) 9663 2227

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