Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chez Dre

Looking in those instagram pictures of Chez Dre makes me really keen to come here. On Saturday morning, P'Krit and I arrived there at 10.30 am and Bryan was already at the queue (I was so excited meeting Bryan for the first time, I am his fan, his blog is amazing). Then Daisy and Ricky came, followed by other 3 friends of P'Krit so there were 8 of us in total... Yeah, more people, more food :P

Gosh, it took us about 75 minutes for the table !!! yeah, 75 minutes.. I was standing there quite a long time, after chitchatting with new friends, ok I should go inside to take some photo.(actually I wouldn't mind waiting since I had a good time with my new friends)

Looks at those beautiful eclairs !

I found cakes here today looks a bit monotone?

One interesting thing is most of the kitchen staff are girls.

My magic.

Believe it or not, we waited for another hour for the food :P

Tropical Bircher Muesli for Daisy

Grand Petit Dejeuner: Poached eggs on sourdough, bacon, spicy herb lamb sausages, potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, smashed avocado with goat cheese & tomato relish.

Poached eggs on Brioche, grilled asparagus, salt cured salmon & lemon caper dressing

Okey, this one is very funny. P'Krit & Bryan ordered this and when the food arrived... We were like.. eh.. where is the brioche? We kept finding, flipping up the salmon to see underneath and still couldn't find it lol So we asked the waitstaff, she left and brought us a piece of brioche without an apology or anything...

My dish: Ricotta stuffed mushrooms, black truffle salsa poached egg, confit truss tomatoes with toasted sourdough.

 I was quite enjoy my dish.. cheese, mushrooms.. <3 p="p">

Now come to desserts !

Caramel dome, sorry but I couldn't remember how it taste like :P

Dark chocolate tart

This one is nice, perfectly shiny glaze, crumbly tart shell and nice layers of chocolate ganache and mousse

Tonka bean mousse

Quite interesting for the Tonka flavour compared to the usual vanilla bean.

Salted caramel eclair

My favourite ! Really like this one, the choux were nicely baked with a cookie dough on top. Inside, got a sweet and salty caramel pastry cream and salted caramel..

Lemon meringue tart

My least favourite, too sweet.

French toast with berries compote. 2 thumbs up !!! Another winner for me, the crispy caramelized sugar at the brioche was sooooo yum.

Bostock, not bad but I was too full by this stage ^ ^"

haha, see the long list ! We had done a pretty great job !

After brunch (supposed to be breakfast), we walked to South melbourne market. Ricky stopped by at the seafood kiosk... haha

He still can eat !!!

Me & Daisy :)

Chez Dre 
285-287 Coventry Street
South Melbourne, VIC, Australia 3205
Phone: +61 (0) 9690 2688

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Varuut Rachatakankul said...

Love it!!

Varuut Rachatakankul said...
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Daisy@Nevertoosweet said...

Amazing photos and another wonderful review :) I am super happy that you actually reached out and asked me to meet you through INSTAGRAM!

I know others may friend it's weird... but I think it was a wonderful idea! I loved all the places that we went to together! I can't wait to blog about it too hehe been a bit busy!

Anyhow! Hope you liked all the cakes and looking forward to seeing you again sooN!

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