Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Hardware Societe (revisit 2012)

If someone ask me about my favourite places in Melbourne, one of them surely is The Hardware Societe. The first time I went there the place was so cute but this time it is even cuter & bigger !

Last day in Melbourne, I had a class at Savour chocolate school at 9.00 am - 4 pm. which means I got 7.30 - 8.20 am period of time to enjoy my last breakfast in Melbourne. Joyce & Brenny didn't want to wake up early so only lovely P'Krit joined my crazy early breakfast :P 

A minute I walked in to the cafe, I knew a big smile was on my face :D

My skinny cap, isn't it cute? (coffee from Prade)

P'Krit had a hot mocha which seemed different from what I had last time, looked thicker (better), Once it was getting cold, it started to set ! Just like pure chocolate (in a nice way) haha.

Before I came here, I had what I wanted to order in my head, Fried brioche ! Deryk shown me his picture of fried brioche described as Deconstructed Cheesecake on Brioche with Grand Marnier oranges, looks so amazing ! But then I realized that they change menu seasonally :'(

Fried brioche with lemon curd, cloud meringue and passion fruit.

Luckily I like my brioche, sweet & sour, crispy & soft, buttery & tangy, Oh my ! (however, its way too big for me lol)

P'Krit had a baked eggs with chirozo?

We found it was a little bit overcooked and P'Krit thought it could be added something more interesting. Still not bad.

 The place is super cute & cozy, staff is friendly, food & coffee is nice. I would come here every time I visit Melbourne :)

The Hardware Societe
120 Hardware Street, Melbourne
Tel : (03) 9078 5992

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Christian Rene Friborg said...

The coffee and brioche looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

hi! how do i contact you? i would like to ask you some questions about le cordon bleu! please email me soon! bloodyteacups@live.com thanks!