Friday, September 21, 2012

Proud Mary

I maybe the only coffee lover who had never been to Proud Mary? This time I made sure I gotta go there so I asked 2 brothers to take me...

We arrived there around 10.30 am since Deryk said it will be very crowed afterward.

These 2 cups were ours :)

 Our table were at the corner, quite dark and not nice for taking pictures ><

My skinny cappuccino... Sadly to say but I don't really like my coffee here... I found it very sour and got some taste I don't like.. but later I talked about this to Bryan, he told me that first you taste it, you will feel like that but the more you drink, the more flavours you will get and it will be very interesting... ummm, I need to practice more of coffee tasting.

Deryk loves his latte.

Potato Hash: a thick hash brown, grilled bacon, spinach, a poached egg, bagna cauda (a light italian sauce, made up of anchovies, cream and garlic)

Oh dear, looks at that goodness hash & bacon ! Love the way they cut their hash, like a noodle..haha. Our table had a conclusion that this way will make you less filling.

Henrik have the roasted wild mushroom, brioche, chipotle butter, whipped goat cheese and poached egg

I really like this, always love wild mushroom.

My dish : Crispy pork belly sandwich with smoked paprika relish and aioli

Deryk told me that I had to try their pork belly sandwich, it is the winner (also the pork belly sandwich at Earl Canteen)

Ok, it was pretty yummy. The pork is twice cooked I guess. All the fat is rendered from the cooking process which make you feel less guilty :P However, it was too much for me for breakfast, so I gave another half to

Henrik had their magic mocha.. I tried, very chocolatey but again.. got the sour taste.

Even I don't like my coffee this time, I wouldn't mind come here again to learn more about how good coffee supposed to taste like... Everyone say the coffee is great, so it gotta be great :)

Proud Mary172 Oxford Street, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia
Phone: (03)9417 5930
Mon-Fri 7am–4pm
Sat-Sun 8am–4pm
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