Thursday, September 20, 2012


 Ahem... I haven't update this blog for ages... But hey, I am still alive :)  Actually I just came back from visiting Melbourne & Sydney since my last stay there in 2010. Miss over there so much... During this trip, I have only 5 days and a half in Melbourne (3 days in Savour chocolate school with Jerome Masterchef) which means I have only 2 days and a half to complete all my long list of the places I want to go? Ok, that's impossible... Hiah.. I kept thinking what should I do.

Here is how an Instagram helps me... Lucky enough, I follow one Melbourne blogger, Daisy from Never Too Sweet  (I follow lots of Melbournien & Sydneysider by the way). I don't know what make me brave enough to comment in her instagram's picture asking her to be my Melbourne eating company (That might sounds insane for others but I think its quite normal for food bloggers? or just me think that :P) . And yeah ! She replied me then we tried to manage our plan via an email.

I arrived Melbourne around noon on 20th Sep and after putting all stuffs at my friend's house in Kensington, I quickly took a train (oh this was my first time using Myki card) to the city to get a mobile sim card and straight to South Yarra to meet Daisy.

LuxBite is in one of the places I wanted to go... It was opened just before I left Australia and many people blogged about it... Here we come !

Bernard Chu and Yen Yee are the visionaries behind LuxBite, originally from Malaysia then moved to Australia, worked with many great chefs both in Sydney & Melbourne... After reading their profile, wow,  I am so impressed by their young age for being this successful.

So many, which one should we get?

Daisy introduced me Kirk, her friend who is also a pastry chef at Spice Temple. We 3 people ordered 4 cakes with 3 pieces of macarons lol

Salted caramel, Green tea Pistachio and Ribena Lemonade

Caramel cravings : Caramel lovingly placed between winning chocolate and coconut base

The caramel center is fudge-like, for that much amount, we found it too sweet, if one consumes this by himself, I think he can get diabetic.

Endless love : Giant macarons, lychee ganache, rose cream, lychee and raspberry

 It was my favourite out of 4, as you know, it can't go wrong with perfect macarons shell, rose and lychee.

Supersized love : Ferrero Rocher with housemade nutella, praline cream and Piedmontese hazelnut

This one is also nice, like you eat a big piece of Ferrero Rocher !

Apple of my eye : Chamomile cream cheese mousse, kiwi jelly, spiced apple compote, green apple glaze, caramelized apple skin as the stalk

I quite like this one (but not for daisy). I think it was quite refreshing compared to others. I tasted chamomile, I tasted spices and especially, I like its look.

Really like this Ribena Lemonade. I had no idea what Ribena is.. Everyone said it is a drink.

Bernard kindly gave us try his new creation of macaron... Moon cake flavour ! I know, it sounds awesome, rite? There is a Lotus paste in the filling...I like !

I was too full then skipped my dinner, and ended up very hungry around 10 pm... hahaha

38 Toorak Road
South Yarra, VIC, 3141 Australia

P: +61 398 675 888
Open 7 days, 10.30am - 7pm
LuxBite on Urbanspoon

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