Saturday, September 22, 2012

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

Our sugary day is still continuing after had a big brunch at Chez Dre. Watching Australian Masterchef,  Burch & Purchese became in my a-must-go place in Melbourne.

Extremely excited and noticed that there was a very big smile on my face even we only were in front of the shop ^_____^

I took pictures almost every corners of the place... haha

Happy face :)

Chocolate, strawberry & balsamic vinegar jam! Doesn't it sound awesome? I grabbed this one but still haven't tried it yet ..(too many food in my fridge now :P)

It took us quite a while to decide what to have. 4 of us means we can have 5 pieces? lol (okey, its after a huge brunch, otherwise we could get more). Burch & Purchese does only take away, so we bought the cakes and went to Food court opposite the shop.

Explosive Milk Chocolate & Raspberry

Milk choc & raspberry mousse, exaggerated rasp cream, milk chic Sacher sponge, fresh raspberry compote, chocolate royal biscuit, raspberry marshmallow, chocolate coated pop rocks, mirror chocolate glaze
I chose this, raspberry & chocolate is always my favourite... The mousse is very airy and light, and wasn’t overly rich. The chocolate coated pop rocks, I love pop rocks! It creates mini explosions in your mouth. Such a great way to play with the texture and surprise people.

I also love the fresh raspberry compote, which is a really refreshing raspberry compote. The compote is quite tangy but perfect with other two layers of the different textured chocolate elements.

 Milk Chocolate, Pumpkin, Bacon & Maple
Spiced milk chocolate cream, bacon, pecan & milk crumble, pumpkin cream, pumpkin seed cake, smoked maple jelly, milk chocolate mousse, candied pumpkin seed

Such a very tempting name indeed ! Might a bit unusual flavour but I think it is quite nice and very interesting. All the components quite works well for me and candied pumpkin seed adds extra crunch. However, for me, the layer of crumble is too thick... Even you try to get everything in one spoon, still get so much crumble.

Gin & Tonic 

Gin & Tonic jelly, juniper berry crumb, lime curd, Gin caviar, lime jelly, lime & white chocolate mousse, brilliant white chocolate spray, lime streusel

  Ricky : Oh, it really tastes Gin & Tonic
  P'Krit : Yeah, Gin & Tonic
  Me : Ummmm (thinking...) Ok, I don't know what Gin & Tonic taste like.
  Ricky & P'Krit : ............................

Haha, anyway, I know how a lime taste like :)  Lime & white chocolate is a great combination. Gin caviar is actually like tapioca pearls. How clever chef add juniper berry into a crumb as it is commonly used to flavour gin.

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Eclair

Chocolate choux pastry, salted caramel cream, dark chocolate, gold encrusted Murray River sea salt

Everyone loves salted caramel. Just having salted caramel eclair at Chez Dre this morning makes me wanna try B&P version too. In my opinion, salted caramel here is more intense and saltier while Chez Dre's one is milder. The choux pastry at B&P is a bit chewier because they put like a glaze I guess. Chez Dre's pastry got an extra score from Daisy cuz the cookie dough on top makes it crispier.

Baked Lemon Tart with Raspberry Macaron

Sweet vanilla shell, baked lemon custard, glazed meringue and raspberry macaron

Don't just the shell by its look, even it seems really pale but it is quite good. The custard is also nice in texture and flavor.

Sugar overload !

Cute spoons

Ja with Daisy & P'Krit. Really thank Daisy & Ricky to take me taste all beautiful goodies. Thank P'Krit who being not a sweet tooth person joined my day with this much sugar :P


Really appreciated your friendship, see you again somewhere :)

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio
647 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia
Phone: (03)9827 7060
Mon Closed
Tue-Sun 10am–6:30pm
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Daisy@Nevertoosweet said...

That's such a wonderful write up of Burch and Purchese and :P now that you've done it hehe I can look back at what we ate and not have to stress out about remember everything hahaha :)

It was SO amazing to have met you in person and gone to so many dessert places with you! I really wish we had MORE time together!!!

Can't wait to see you again :) xox

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shinki said...

omg! yay so good your back onto blogging again! and in my town of melb! keep up the good work :)