Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adriano Zumbo Cafe Chocolat

Enthusiastically waiting for the Adriano Zumbo Cafe to open, after I read the review from NQN and Suze, ok I have to go !!
Around 11 am., there was 1 couple sitting having coffee. The cafe is in the courtyard about 6 doors next to his patisserie shop. I bought some cakes from patisseries and ate here in the cafe. ( Of course I really wanna try the cafe's sweets but have to wait for company...this time I came alone :D)

The cafe has 2 sections, customers can sit in the courtyard or in the romantic lounge area with cushions and a red gorgeous chandelier ...

Lots of chocolate on display...I didn't pay attention to them time !

I just knew that they serve some savoury stuffs also...and Panda said their Toasted Ham & Cheese Brioche is very worth to try...

I wanna try them they serves 3 desserts : ''The Younger Years'' , ''Miss Marple Deconstructed'' and ''It’s not a Hamburger'' .. hehe...I know the names make us so curious !

The Chocolate must be nice...

I sat in the courtyard, looked at the menu...I just notice that the menu is very similar as the Pendolino's

Ready ?

Since it is the chocolate cafe, I thought they will use their chocolate in the mocha but they didn't. The hot mocha is still good anyway.

Wild Strawberry & Lime Millefeuille : caramelised puff pastry, lime mascarpone crème, wild strawberry jelly and biscuit joconde. It is huge !!! I had just half.

The caramelised toffee on top was very divine...crispy and sweet, the joconde was moist, the lime mascarpone creme was good in consistancy (even I couldn't differentiate their mascarpone creme and normal cream diplomate...actaully I forgot how it taste like -_-''). The most impressive thing for me is the strawberry jelly... the tart and sweetness... mouth water now. But the puff pastry was a bit soggy and not crispy at all...I reckon it is because of touching with the mascarpone creme. I had to take that part off..

After I finished my coffee and half of millefeuille, mm... I should try a hot chocolate !

Cherry hot chocolate $6.oo
The cup is not small at all, I prefer this portion than Guylian's (too much for me). The chocolate was rich, thick and got some bits of riped cherry at the bottom...Woo...I think just one cup is enough for my breakfast.

Chilli Hot Chocolate $6.00

Surprisingly, the waitress gave me an extra chilli hot chocolate to try...Yahoo ! Ja was happy \^o^/. Even I am not a big fan of chilli chocolate, this one was very good I have to say.

2 rich hot chocolate (after having 1 cup of mocha)

The cherry hot chocolate.

Even though I was very enjoy it...couldn't finish ^ ^''

During the time I was sitting there...many people come and go...1 Japanese guy had a chocolate tart and coffee, 4 elder were sitting enjoy thier hot chocolate, I heard they were really having fun with chilli hot chocolate :), a couple and a kid took away the chocolate....What a nice scene!

I had my Passionfruit Tart at smooth, creamy, sweet and tangy. I really wonder how they make the very perfect consistancy of custard....Give me a recipe pleaseee :P

Adriano Zumbo Café Chocolat

308 Darling St. (inside Balmain Mall),

Balmain, Sydney


chocolatesuze said...

aw lucky you got a free drink! the miss maple deconstructed is freaking awesome =P

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

suze : yeah yeah, I was so happy they gave me :P and I will try to find chance to go there again for miss maple deconstructed...

Lorraine E said...

Great story Beansprout! And lucky you with the free drink too :)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Lorraine : Thanks thanks :D