Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have been interested in Pendolino first since I read about it from Gourmet Traveller magazine in May, after that in The (Sydney) Magazine from The Sydney Morning Herald - October Issue- that it is in top 10 best new restaurant in Sydney....Once I saw the review from NQN, Okay.... I have to go ! Lucky I got Sam to be my company for this lovely meal.

The chef Nino Zocalli, who premiered Otto, opened his new Italian restaurant in the Strand Arcade, my favourite place for coffee.

There are the cafe section in front and the restaurant section inside where is quite dark and classy...NQN said in her blog that she was worried about taking photo.. too :)

An elegant menu.

So romantic ><

We go there at 12.00 pm. which the restaurant just open so we are quite a first few tables there. But after half an hour, full house !

We sit near the open kitchen so we can enjoy watching their cooking. (but I turn my back to the kitchen, unlike Sam, so a bit difficult to see.)

They serve us the small plate of the cute tiny olives - the Piccoline olives from Victoria (informed by NQN), small but tasty. I ask Sam about the middle space of the plate whether it is for putting the pit there....He said no matter what it for, he won't do that if he comes here with pretty girls.. lol ( this time he also didn't do that ..mean ....? haha) The olive oil is too little so I can't taste much.

A pieces of Olive and white sourdough bread, nice but not the best .

Sam order the sparkling water... For me, I prefer to spend money for a glass of wine to an expensive water.... Tab water is ok :P
We order 3 entrees, and share the first entree...

Duck liver with cherries and polenta $19.00

This duck liver is not foie gras style but it is the duck liver... mm...taste like chicken liver for me. The sauce is nice while the polenta is absolutely superb. I like all styles of polenta, soft or fried one... This version is crispy outside and perfectly smooth inside.

Lamb Mezzaluna Agnolotti $19.00

Sam enjoy his dish, Lamb ragu filled agnolotti with broad beans. I taste a half piece, very good. I also like the sauce. (Obviously it seems not enough for him..hehe)

Pappardelle con ragu di vitella $19.00

My dish : The Ribbons of house-made pasta slither around succulent, slowly braised White Rocks veal shin, with marjoram-scented. The pasta is soft and silky thumbs up ! Even it is entree, quite a lot for me. Also they are generous giving the chunks of veal ragu, so tender.

But I am quite disappointed about my mission for this meal, the marrow ball. It is so small and overcooked...not as soft and juicy as I saw in NQN blog... So I can taste only breadcrumb outside. T_T

I like his posting ^ ^

Extremely happy !

Millefoglie con Fragoline $17.00

Fresh Strawberry with wild Italian strawberry compote, Lombardian goat curd cream, strawberry sorbet. Actually I really wanna try their affogato but Sam wanna try Strawberry Millefoglie. I am up to Sam cuz he comes here for me. It is just decent for me...the puff pastry is normal and a bit salty. Nothing impressive for this dessert.

Fantastic atmosphere.

Olive oil for tasting.

The cafe section outside also looks great. Hope got chance to try !

Shop 100-102 Level 2 The Strand Arcade
412-414 George St. , Sydney NSW 2000
Tel : (02) 9231 6117


Heidi said...

ohh, looks nice but expensive! the dessert costs $17! oh my god.. haha.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ouch..but how come u said the duck liver is not like foie gras style..foie gras is goose liver, the whole chunk mah..or u meant it wasnt pate..

hmmm i can only imagine how big the mains are!

Lorraine E said...

Awww no! That's such a pity about the marrow ball :( Mine was superb and I wanted to get a whole plate of them. Maybe they stretched them out too much to make more balls or something...

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Heidi : haha..yeah and unlucky the one we had not that good

Joe : umm...foie gras can be the whole chunk of goose liver or duck liver.

Lorraine : Yeah, very disappointed but the pasta is so nice, so it is ok ^ ^

Hungry Hamster said...

Wow, you've tried out sooooo many restaurants in Sydney! I'm jealous!! Is it your mission to try out all of them before you come back to Bangkok? :p