Saturday, November 22, 2008

SP Lesson 20 : Panettone, Muffin, Focaccia, Stollen

Panettone is a delicate and rich porous festive bread studded with sultanas and flavoured with candied citrus peel. It can be served with cream or mascarpone. To develop the rich yeasty flavours, the dough can be prepared in serveral stages with prolonged maturing times between each stage.

Focaccia derives its name from the Latin word 'focus' which means 'hearth', because it was originally baked on an open hearth. One of my favourite bread- making sandwiches, dipping in an olive oil or even eating plain.

Muffins is a quick bread originated from the United States and now become famous all over the world...I love muffin but at school, chef just show us the Oat Bran Muffin and we were not allowed to make.

Stollen is a German festive cake that is produced at Christmas time. It is usually given as a gift. It is like fruit bread filled with marzipan, really sweet but I like :D

The processes

From Left clockwise : Panettone, Focaccia, Stollen, Muffin

The finished products
From Left clockwise : Panettone, Focaccia, Stollen, Muffin

Let's see my breads...

Focaccia... Don't be surprised that why my Focaccia is so plain. Since I could't find the fresh herbs or olives...

but the texture was still not bad?

Panettone.. After we took it out from the oven, chef put it all together on the wire rack so we didn't know which one is whose... just took it -_-''

It is crispy outside and very rich inside, I like. Because it is yeasted cake, not much gluten texture like normal bread, a bit crumby.

My stollen. haha Just like like fruit bread really !

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