Friday, November 28, 2008

SP Lesson 21 : Decorative & Showpiece Bread

Today we studied another new dough. It is called '' Dead dough'' also known as Baker's clay. The dough does not contain yeast therefore it does not require proving. This is used for some decorations on showpeice breads because it won't move or change the shape after bake.

Chef Herve showed us the Crocodile bread and Wheat sheaf bread.

Seriously, I think it looks so scary, like lizard.

But after baked, ok .. hehe

My Wheat sheaf bread...

My Crocodile and Platipus. Oh my, the crocodile can't move, his legs are too short lol.

Some products of my classmates... We had fun that day !


Lorraine E said...

LOL how funny! That looks like it would have been SO much fun!

dailydelicious said...

Wow, it's seen to be fun,but I have to admit that the Crocodile bread looks so scary lol.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Lorraine : yes it was :) actually it was very quiet when we were making and moulding the bread but after finished, lots of laugh.

Dailydelicious : haha... agree !