Saturday, November 15, 2008

SP Lesson 13 - 15 : Afternoon Tea

This week we did so many little things... Afternoon tea party week is basically the day that we do serve our products to the real customers, learning how to work in the real industry. We were taught how to serve, how to cook crepe suzette in front of customer, how to make coffee and how to make soft drink.

Savarin is a ring shaped yeasted cake named after a famouse French chef Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. It is usually flavoured with rum and served with Creme Chantilly and fruit.

Chef Keit' s Savarin... I like it...

When we made our savarins, after we proved and put in the oven, I came back to check and I saw !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Oh my god, strange creatures ! Huahahahahaha....Because someone turned off the oven, it became a prover which means the dough we put were over-proved. (but after baked, it was very tasty-cripsy like bread stick lol)

Crepes : Thin, rich batter is essential for French-style fine crepes. Crepes can be folded in a variety of ways. The traditional shape is a fan (folded in quarters). Other folds are cigarettes or pannequets which enclose the filling.

Crepes by chef Keith and Lemon Meringue Tartlette by chef Herve.
I like the lemon tarts but I didn't got chance to make it since we were assigned to help in many different tasks..( I helped chef Angelo making Macaron)

Chef Herve made such a fantastic fruit basket from sugar. The right picture is Pistachio made by Soo jin and me.

We started the afternoon tea on Wednesday, came to school at 8 am. and made things. After that, we moved all petits fours to the Ambassador room to set up.

We all became front of house team. Stealla was the Maitre` D, Cynthia and Efsun were behind the bar, making coffee and soft drinks. Seok and Nicole were the crepe suzette man, Soo Jin, Heidi and I went behind the buffet counter and the rest of us became the waitstaff. (Lucky ! I don't wanna be waitstaff, can't carry the plates..too heavy ^ ^'')

Fruit savarin from our class and chocolate truffle croquembouche from other class.

So adorable !

Before the party, still had fun but after started, they were very busy..hehe

Hedi, Soo Jin and Ja...very easy job, just stand there, tell customer what they are and help them putting things into their plates...(stand still too long, my legs pain)

Another fun day !


Annie said...

Wow, what a great spread of treats! They all look lovely! I made a Savarin for the first time last week too, but mine didn't look as pretty as the one in the picture!

Lorraine E said...

Wow that spun sugar on the first savarin looks amazing! You really do make the nicest stuff!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Annie : the one in the picture was decorated by chef :)

Lorraine E : hehe...that's one also made my chef ^ ^''