Saturday, November 22, 2008

SP Lesson 19 : Gingerbread House

Festive occasions are times to reflect and to celebrate. Especially this time the christmas is coming... Suitable for making Gingerbread House:)

Gingerbread House is originated from Austria, traditionally reflects the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel and should be finished with the witch, hansel and Gretel and a black cat.

First we made the base with gingerbread (of course haha) but the taste is not as nice as ginger biscuit. This version we want it a bit dry so it can hold the shape. Royal icing is used to stick sides together and to decorate with a chimney, windows, snow effect etc.

I really like making the house...just like playing the doll house !

Chef's Keith's Gingerbread house

Soo Jin and I bought some candies to decorate the house... became like this....

The rows of Gingerbread houses.

I forgot to make the witch and a black cat :P

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