Friday, November 28, 2008

Superior Assessment - Gateau

Finally the exam is passed! (anyway, still have to continue studying for 2 weeks) We are so so happy after we passed the exam week, quite nervours and stressful from all theory and practical assessments. In pratical, we have to make our gateau by using the ingredients the school provide. Also make another chocolate box which we did before

At first, my plan was Mousse cake even I don't really like eating mousse. Because it seems easy and the ingredients is very suitable for making mousse. It consists of Strawberry mousse, Kirsh mousse and vanilla sponge decorated with Macarons. Luckily I tried 2 weeks before exam and found out that it was not so nice due to limited strawberry they provide. Taste was a bit boring for me.. So I kept thinking why don't I try to make something I like to eat then I can make it better. So it came to this gateau - '' The Secret''

The first layer is vanilla joconde, top with Grand Marnier creme diplomat, the middle part is strawberry jelly, top with cream diplomat again and Joconde. Each joconde is brushed with vanilla syrup. Masking with Italian meringue and decorated outside with French meringue.

But it looked too plain, I should burn the Italian meringue a bit more. The reason why it is called The Secret because you can't tell what is inside from its look..hehe (actually it is not my intention but I don't have any either strawberry or space left to decorate lol)

Inside.. Chef said I put a bit too much gelatin in strawberry jelly, so when we cut, the jelly and creme diplomat tent to quite easily separate. I was 70% satisfied my product, I mean I like the taste but can improve more... I will have this cake at my cafe (in the future) and try to make it better ^ ^

Some of my friends' gateaus....

all good, we tasted all after class, so full !

Here are the gateau that I first tried making at home..

The first one as I told you, I cut the sponge to small that why you will see there are lots of mousse outside. Also I was lazy to make the glaze, not so beautiful..hehe (also my macaron has no feet !!!)

Since I want to give the cake for others, have to make it nicer, I put the raspberry coulis on top and it suddenly taste much better... My friends like it !

The 2nd cake was the cake in my exam but decoration was different because of laziness :P I like this style more but it doesn't use so much skill.

You know, this cake I accidently put salt instead of sugar in the creme diplomat and Italian meringue..haha..yeah... I have no idea how it happened. I used the sugar from the container that I normally use but then it turned out so salty.. However, I assumed that it should be the mixture of salt and sugar cuz if it is pure salt, it would be a lot more salty. Telling you the truth, even it was salty, I perfer it than the one in my exam... (of course we are not talking about the saltiness)

And the night I made the cake, my friends came over to have BBQ party about 7 people, they like the cake and finished it (maybe they were too drunk to notice the real taste lol)

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