Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Hardware Societe

Again, the cafe in my must-go list in Melbourne is The Hardware Societe. Since no one wanted to come with me, I just went there myself ^ ^

The owner of this cafe used to run Beetroot where is just opposite the cafe. This time they returned back with French and Spain style.

I just love the interior, everything looks french but quite modern style, make you feel relaxing.

Isn't it cute !

Hot mocha : they served steamed hot chocolate milk with espresso separately, how cute. (their coffee is served with the little miniature cinnamon donut)

My friend went there before and showed me his mocha photo and said that it tasted alright but very creative. So I told myself I have to order it since I wanna post in my blog...hahahaha

And he was right, I didn't like the taste. I felt that it was like Long black with chocolate milk. Once you mix it together, it became a weak watery mocha... but I still like the presentation though lol

Soft boiled eggs & 3 soldiers $13 : Ham crouzaire camembert, Jamon & Manchego, Kaiserfleisch & St agur

My 3 soldiers were not bad, but I just prefer to have the one claire had . My one, once its cold, a bit chewy and dry.

Raspberry macaron

I think this would happen to many of you guys, when you bake something a lot, you really wanna try other people's version. This one has a nice tangy flavour but I still love the texture of the one from Baroque the most.

Such a nice cafe (the service was a bit cold to me, maybe just happen to me?) but I would definitely go back if I got chance to go Melbourne.

The Hardware Societe
120 Hardware Street, Melbourne
Tel : (03) 9078 5992


monica said...

yay, cinnamon donut !! the service was warm and friendly when I went there though...perhaps it was still very early in the morning :D
I'd love to return there again !

missklicious said...

Love the soft boiled eggs and soldiers with a twist!

Anonymous said...

i loveeee hardware societe! went there last easter break and that place was officially my new fave brunch spot in melb! love the homey feeling inside. :D


Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog, and gorgeous photos of our little cafe. I am glad you enjoyed your breakfast with us, though am disappointed that you felt the service was not warm enough, it is very hard to meet and please everyone but rest assured we try.....Each 8 weeks we change the menu, so as you pointed out, your boiled eggs, where different to that of your friends. We wanted to create three types of ham and cheese, for something different. You will be pleased to know that our new breakfast menu sees a new boiled eggs topping too. I hope that the next time you are in Melbourne, you do pop in, for the next variation. All the best, Di, Will and the THS team.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Monica : yes, I still wanna try other stuffs too. The french toasts also sounds great

missklicious : yes, I like their twist :) like very creative.

Howey : yes, everything looks so cute, doesn't it? esp its french lol

THS team : thanks for visiting my blog. I do understand what you say about please everyone, true indeed. And about the soldiers, i am happy about your idea that creat new stuffs, its my bad that I always want other people's dish ;P Definitely would love to go again :)