Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Girls' Party @ Kam Fook

This was the first time I went to Chatswood. I have heard from Heidi and also Deryk that there is the very good Dim Sum restaurant in Chatswood...Since I came to Sydney, I haven't tried Dim Sum yet so this Thursday was the perfect time ! ( Finally I found out that the restaurant that Heidi and Deryk mentioned is the same one ^ ^)

Heidi, Stella, Kimmy and I reached Kam Fook around noon...The restaurant is next to the cinema in Westfield Shoppingtown. Lucky the day we went, didn't need to wait for long for the seat.

Once we were seated the place where was very behind at the back corner, the food trolleys kept fast to make the many varieties of dishes this place offers ..In Thailand (or where I have been), normally there are only fried stuff trolley and steamed stuff trolley...others we just order and they will bring from the kitchen......but here, not only for that also trolley for noodle, congee, desserts, tofu...etc.

From left clockwise : Prawn rice roll, Turnip cake, Sui Mai, Lo mai fan.

They all were good, just I prefer the fried version of turnip cake and also the sui mai can be better.

From left clockwise : Har gow (prawn dumpling), Scallop sth, Salt & Pepper calamari, Xiao long bao.

I really the Har gow...and we all agreed that Xiao long bao here (maybe that day) was not good at all...I bited half and just couldn't finish it...

Century Egg & Mince Pork Congee : I think it was just a little bit too sweet for my liking and also too much meat ^ ^'', still prefer Superbowl in China Town.

very busy but fun !

Desserts: Egg tarts, Mango pudding and Dou Hua (Bean curd)...all good !

Kimmy, Heidi and Stella with girly posting..hehe

Me !!!!!! What a funny I am doin !

After that, we watched the movie :Burn after comment ! hahaha
Then we did a lot of window shopping...walked walked and walked until so tired...and had a light dinner here, Pattison's at Chatswood mall

From left clockwise : Cheese cake (Stella), Date scone (Ja), Palmier (Kimmy) and Salmon quiche (Heidi).
Ahhh......such a nice day !

Kam Fook
Chatswood Westfield,
28 Victor Street,
Chatswood 2067
Tel : (02) 9413 9388

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Annie said...

I haven't been for Yum Cha in so long... after looking at those yummy pictures, I think I will have to go soon!