Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guylian Chocolate Cafe

After I have known that there is another new chocolate cafe in Circular from my favourite blog, NQN, I suddenly ran there on Saturday. Such a nice weather !

Following the success of store, Lindt, Belgian chocolate maker Guylian has opened 2 stores in the city. The flagship store is at East Circular Quay and the 2nd in the historic precinct, The Rocks. (I am not sure the 2nd one has already opened?)

The sign of Guylian, seahorse...

Many varieties of chocolate...

I went there alone, so just sat at the small table beside the counter (not that one you see in the photo).

After ordered, I asked the waiter whether I can take the picture of the cafe. He friendly smiled and told that "Sure, go for it !'' :D

Look at the counter display, the cakes and pastries looks so tempting (I think it looks much better than at Lindt)

Some of good looking ice creams.

Actually I was not hungry at all, just wanted to do the review lol. So I picked the small financier and tea. Next time I will definitely try thier hot chocolate and hot mocha...

A few seconds, the waitress served the tea set and this cup of sugar and chocolate cute ! but mmm...I am not a big fan of Guylian chocolate...I tasted it and not like it at all.

The tea set cames so beautiful...

Chai Tea $4.50

The smell was so nice...I like it !

Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Financier $6.00 It is decorated beautifully with raspberry coulis and chocolate sauce...

The financier was very rich, dense yet moist... All components give them a great flavor. The richness of almond meal, the bitterness of dark chocolate, the tanginess of raspberry jelly and the creaminess of flake white chocolate on top...just nice !

Who wanna come with me next time !

The service was very friendly. Because it is new, I can see there are some training in the cafe. like the waiter tell another waitress what the cake in the display is....

Personally I prefer Lindt chocolate to Guylian and I like the hot mocha at Lindt cafe so much, so I really wanna try Gulian hot chocolate and hot mocha here...soon....

Guylian Cafe

East Circular Quay Shop 10

Opera Quays 3 Macquarie St. Sydney

Tel: +61 (02) 8274 7900

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