Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SP Lesson 1 - 3 : Petits Fours

This week we made some Petits Fours which are small oven baked goods. Some eclairs, puffs, swans, frangipane fruit tartlettes, marzipan filled fruits, petits fours glaces which are made from genoise.......all Mini !

Choux puffs by chef Keith, Fruit tartlettes by chef Herve.

From chef colorful !

My mini choux pastries......

looks like Krispy Kreme lol


Mini eclairs.

Mini fruits tartlettes....I think mine was too purple? should add some more red colour...but the strawberries we got were so huge !

just put in ur mouth !

Varieties of tartlettes from our class SP3

Marzipan filled fruit....some people don't like marzipan at all but I don't mind ^ ^

These one...when we saw chef was glazing the fondant on top of genoise....seems so easy...He finished 1 cake in 5 seconds but I spent like 3 minutes per each !

I like these cute ! don't u think so? :D

All these little little things are so labour intensive work...that's why chef told us that normally the business charges for these more than normal size pastries.

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