Thursday, October 23, 2008

SP Lesson 7 - 9 : Nougat, Raspberry Fruit Paste, Chocolate dipping, Chocolate Box

Chocolate know I love eating chocolate but when thinking about chocolate scared ! Because it is very messy, dirty and chocolate itself is so sensitive....Tempering is one of the hardest thing for me....until now I am still not very good at it.

Anyway, I am trying to think that I love tempering chocolate ..hahaha....This week we made Nougat de Montelimar, Raspberry Fruit Paste, chocolate hand dipping, Modelling chocolate and chocolate box.

Nougat de Montelimar (Torrone) is from Montelimar town, France where is very famous for Almond. It is originally made from honey flavoured lavender, sugar, egg white, almond and pistachio.

Raspberry Fruit Paste basically is Raspberry puree cooked with sugar, glucose and pectin. It is kinda really sweet jelly and good for winter cuz it is very high in sugar.

Modelling chocolate is the chocolate mixed with glucose to become a paste of malleable consistency which is easy to mould into different shapes such as flowers.

Fruit paste, hand dipped chocolate and round chocolate box by chef Herve.

He also showed us the novelty chocolate showpiece which we have to make next week. Also the right picture is the chocolate mousse that he was asked to make for a magazine photo shoot.

Another Chef Herve's chocolate box.

My chocolate plate....not so bad, eh? but the milk chocolate took so long to set...It was no time, so I quickly put it in the fridge for a few minutes...when I put it on the table to present chef, I was quite worried that it was tempered or not.....lucky it was.....hurr !!! (but lots of fat bloom..haha)

Our chocolate boxes...
Actually I wanted to make black rose, I think it looks nicer. But when we started making it, Soo jin made black first, so I just picked up the white chocolate...and then just realised that...since I started with white chocolate, I'd better continue with it...( I think it doesn't look nice in 2 colours)

I don't think it was a good idea putting butterfly on the box...too much...but I already made don't wanna waste ^ ^'' (too rush, my butterfly was so rough)

This time my roses was getting better...but still unsatisfied !


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hope I have a chance to try your desserts some day.

korb koon krub nong Ja

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Anonymous : Thanks very much ka..Brot