Sunday, October 12, 2008

SP Lesson 4 - 5 : Marzipan

New semester ! The holiday time passed so soon now we are getting into new semester, new time table, new chefs and some of new classmate.

This final semester, we, SP3, study on Monday - Wednesday at 3.30 - 10 pm. -_-'' Yeah, until 10 pm. then imagine I have to catch the bus on 10.39 pm. and will reach home around 11.30 pm....T_T

One more thing.....This term Su hee and Clair (2 of my good classmates) changed their class to SP2 for some reasons...and we have new 2 classmates : Zara (Korean girl who finished cuisine and IP in Korea) and Efsun (Turkish girl who dropped after IP and went back to Turkey for 3 months).

We studied Lesson 4-6 in first week because of public holiday on Monday. It was about Marzipan.

Marzipan is a mixture of almond and sugar. It is very famous in Europe but it is used less in United States, Australia and Asia.

There are 2 types of marzipan on the market :

1. Raw - no cooking process and will be cooked in later process, used mainly for peties fours . The shelf life is limited and have to keep in the fridge.

2. Cooked - used mainly for modelling, decoration. Because it has already cooked, you just keep it in the room temperature, cool and dry place.

On first day, we learned how to make marzipan fruits. Just like playing with playdough, we use our hands but not all your fingers. (chef focus about using palms not fingers because it wastes so much time using fingers). We shape the fruits first then colour it with food colour.

Second day, we made the variety of figures - animals, special occasion figures and flowers. Unlike making fruits, we mix the marzipan with colour first then shape it later.

Chef Herve shown us many varieties of things...

My fruits marzipan...hehe, I made mangosteen...At first, I don't really know how to use this colour, like have to mix with water or not, or how much I should the first few fruits I made were not quite peachs were so ugly and apple could be better.

My Santa, bear with heart, chef and some roses...hehe I like my chef !

Soo Jin (Alice) made the very cute chef and sheep...I like her Carnation too.

Seok made this ....Such a cute groom and bride...simple but symbolized

At 10 face looked so dark..hahaha little girl chef has a cute ponytail

Oh...and about the Lesson 6 on 3rd day, we studied about making coffee which I didn't take a photo at all...a bit depressed since I didn't make a good coffee...*sigh

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