Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eating eating...another eating day !

We went for lunch at Zowa, World square cause I have no idea where to take Deryk..He wants something that is not cafe food...We kept walking to the basement of World square building. I told him that I tried this he wanted try.

We were there at 11 am..but the restaurant open at 11.30 am... we waited!

I was still very full from last night dinner at Bobby's I just had a small carrot soup $4.50 Taste was ok for me...quite plain.

Deryk had Pork cutlet with hayashi sauce...First spoon into his mouth...mmm...He said ''not bad but pretty weird'' then he started putting lots of chilli flake...haha...It was ok for me..I like the sauce and Mayonnaise :)

Then we headed to Darling Harbour to Lindt Chocolate Cafe. It was very windy that day...

Many people enjoyed their holiday.

We both had hot mocha (Skimmed for me and normal for him). I think it was not as rich as before...but still one of the best mocha !

Good enough to satisfy me.

Then our dinner was Casa Asturiana on Liverpool st. again...Since last time we were too full to have Paella. Deryk told that nowsday, in Melbourne most of Spanish restaurant took the Paella out of the menu, that's why Paella is one of his mission in this trip.

This time there were 4 of us. Deryk, Aunty Lilian, Vicky (Aunty's daughter) and me.

Clockwise from top left :

Spinash bread $5.00 (crusty bread coated with tomato coulis) The bread itself was not interesting..very plain but the tomato helps the flavour a lot. Tangy and a bit spicy.

Tortilla Espanola $9.50 (ever popular Spanish omelet of potatoes, onions and eggs) Warm and very fluffy...They made it beautifully...we all like it.

Chorizo a la Plancha $12.00 This time was a bit burn compared with last time...but still tasty.

Calamares Fritos $12 Again.. the batter was a bit wet and less crisp than last time. However, Aunty still was satisfied.

Our main !!! Chicken and Seafood Paella.

Paella (pronounced pah-EY-yah) is known as the national dish of Spain. It is a rice dish with meat, beans and vegetables, which should be cooked with saffron, a most expensive spice. The meat, beans and vegetables are cooked together first, then water or stock added, and finally Spanish or medium-grain rice is added and cooked in the gravy till done. It is served in the pan it is cooked in - a shallow, round, rimmed pan with two metal handles on opposite sides.

I had Paella a few times...I reckon I had before in Thailand but I can remeber nothing about all I remember is first time from the spanish stall at Suzuki night Market . Second time was at Movida. I don't really know what is the perfect Paella should be..but I think Paella here was quite good..The rice was seasoned well, not over cook or too wet. They were very generous of giving seafood. Vicky also said it was very good presentation.

We ordered 1 more tapas...Pinchito de Pollo $10.00 Delicious chicken, pimiento & onion skewer ...We waited quite long for this last tapas so we asked the waitress. A few minutes after, she brought us 2 big skewers...The chicken was cooked perfectly, very juicy and tender. We were discussing about how they cook, maybe they poached the chicken first then grilled on the flame later. Because normally when you grill chicken, the inside is still uncooked while the outside tends to burn...

Vicky and Aunty Lilian.

Ja and Deryk.

After we finished all savoury dishes, Aunty and Vicky were quite they went back home first...Deryk and me, of course, still couldn't stop without dessert.

I felt like eating hot and cold...haha...Like hot brownie or waffle with ice cream...If we were in Melbourne, I definitely drag him to Max Brenner or Pancake parlour...but here...too far to walk to Max Brenner Wynyard. We decided to go to Capital square to eat Passionflower !

Love stoned $13.50 : Strawberry ice creams served with fresh strawberries slices, lavished with strawberry liqueur syrup and whipped cream

It came very huge...and taste was nice, generous of strawberries and syrup...Deryk said it is very good strawberry ice cream, not many strawberry ice cream that he can say it is good...haha..ok ok...

Chocolate Shake...very disappointed...not even tasted chocolate. It tasted like melted whipped cream and water o_O

The shake came very huge also...unlucky it was it was about half left...

Zowa Cafe
Shop 7, LG Floor World Square, Sydney NSW 2000

Tel : (02) 9267 5050

Casa Asturiana
77 Liverpool St., Sydney, NSW 2000
Tel : (02) 9264 1010

Passionflower Cafe
- Town Hall Station, Tel (02) 9281 8322
- Shop G12, Capitol Square 730-742 George Street, Haymarket, Sydney, NSW2000


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Great eating schedule! I liked the egg omelettes at Zowa too :) What a disappointment about passionflower, the sundae looks like it should been good :(