Friday, October 31, 2008

SP Lesson 10 - 12 : Chocolate Showpiece

Before went to school for chocolate class, I dragged myself to have coffee at the cafe on Harris st. near my house.....Skinny flatwhite...mmm quite good ! (I reckon the lady behind counter is Malaysian since there are many Malaysian magazines on the table.)

My flatwhite in the raining day...

First day chef Keith taught us how to make the structure of chocolate showpiece by using the template school gave us.

Second day was the decoration preparation day...means we prepare many many different things for decoration such as flowers, coloured chocolates, chocolate pieces, etc...

The third day we used the spray gun to create the different texture of the chocolate..

Using the spray gun, the chocolate mixture was made from chocolate and cocoa butter in 2:1

Since last week, making chocolate box and some chocolate dipping, I didn't really like working with messy work ! Chocolate also is very sensitive...but at the end of 3rd day, I felt myself more comfortable with tempering chocolate. Because before, I always use the seeding method as I think that it is easier and more convenient...but my chocolate was not temper correctly all the time...Then the last 2 days, I changed to tabling method which used more effort to it since we have to pour the melting chocolate on the marble slap, tab it and clean the marble....but the final result is pretty perfect and more satisfied...

I was very surprised when seeing some others' showpieces...wonderful !

Anyway, I really like my chocolate showpiece, not too much (maybe a bit too less in some details ^ ^'') but I am satified and so happy...Unbelievable, I can make chocolate showpiece !!!!

My cats... so cool and look very mysterious...hehe....I like !


Jutapha said...

wow...your chocolate showpiece is wonderful ka, especially for the cats. :)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

jutapha : thanks ka ^ ^ I believe that if you got a chance to make, you will make a great one also :D